Buying Coupon Inserts and Clipped Coupons online – What’s the deal?

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One of the most frequently asked questions on our facebook chat group is WHERE CAN I BUY COUPONS?

This is a very touchy subject for many because not long ago there was widespread deletion of some very popular facebook couponing groups and it was suspected that the groups were deleted due to the sale of coupons within the group.   There is no way for us to know for sure what the reason was, however, it has almost completely stopped discussions on buying or selling coupons on facebook.

Just as with any other industry, there are “bad apples” out there.  

One of the reasons that I personally do not allow discussions in my facebook groups is because it is very hard for me to monitor who is “legitimate” and who is a “scammer”.  When you have a large group of couponers in one place it would be very easy for someone to pop in, offer inserts, collect a payment via paypal “friends & family” and never deliver.  When that happens, you are out of luck with no way to follow up or find the person to get reimbursed.  This causes a wave of negativity in a group which was designed to HELP you SAVE MONEY not waste money and no one has time for all of that nonsense.   I am not sure if this was the reason that facebook intervened and deleted these groups or what exactly happened, but I for one prefer to deal with known businesses or suppliers that have a good proven track record, not just a random person on facebook that I have never seen before.

Why would someone WANT to buy coupon inserts or clipped coupons?  

There are many reasons why someone would want to purchase coupon inserts from a supplier rather than purchase their local Sunday paper directly.  Coupon values are regional which means that not all areas get the same coupons in their inserts.  One area might get a $1.00/1 coupon in their area and the newspaper in the next town 5 miles away got a $.25/1 coupon.  Some areas such as Tampa, Florida no longer carry the RedPlum inserts in their newspapers.  Some newspapers are inconsistent with having ALL coupon inserts in them each week.   There are many reasons that might come into play.

For many, the simple VALUE of not having to track down papers each week, sorting them and recycling the leftover parts of the paper is the number one reason that they want to buy inserts!

How does it work and where do these companies get their inserts from?  

Legitimate Insert Sellers such as Insert Insanty (Tampa based) simply buy the newspapers on your behalf, remove the whole coupon inserts from them and send them to you via USPS Priority Shipping.  It’s really that basic.  They send you the coupon inserts that they get from their newspapers.  As stated on their website, “it is no different than giving your brother in law twenty bucks when he is heading to the store and asking him to pick up newspapers for you.”  They are purchasing the papers, doing the sorting for you and sending them directly to your door.

Is it cheaper to BUY inserts rather than just purchasing the newspaper? 

It depends.  In many areas your Sunday newspaper is well over $2.00 each, other areas are much cheaper.  Keep in mind however, if you are having inserts mailed to your door 2-3 day priority the shipping cost alone for that is $5.75+ which will be added to your cost.  It most cases it would not pay for you to purchase just two inserts from a service.  You usually see the best value when you purchase at least 6-10 of each insert weekly.  Many people also will get a group together to place one order to spread out the shipping cost between the group.

How do I find reputable companies or suppliers to purchase my inserts or clipped coupons? 

That is the question of the day!  Honestly, I personally try to do research on anyone that I plan to do any type of business with.   Again, as with any type of business, there are good ones and bad ones and often it is just trial and error.   I have dealt with both Insert Insanity and WizClipz for many years and have never had an issue.  I have found that they are not the “cheapest” out there, but their service has been reliable.

In preparation for this post, I asked my group of 18k couponers in my facebook chat group who they recommend and these were the companies or individuals that the majority suggested.   Keep in mind that I do not have personal experience with many of these, I am simply passing on the information that I gathered.  Please do your own research prior to purchasing:  

Online Companies for Whole Inserts

Whole Coupon Inserts

Insert Insanity



(local pick up and ordering)




Instagram Sellers

 Whole Coupon Inserts

(ships from NJ accepts paypal goods & services)

(accepts paypal, priority shipping)

Coupon Universe

(ships from MA only)


(local pick up and ordering)

Lori’s Coupon Cab – Cape Coral, Florida






Sandra Marie Gallway
(trustworthy individual clipper via message for specific coupons)



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