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ACRONYMS AND ABBREVIATIONS – What do they stand for???

When you first start couponing, you will notice that most coupon blogs or experienced couponers use abbreviations often.   It is easier to just type out the abbreviation for frequently used terms so everyone does it.  However, if you are new, it is very confusing to try to figure out what OOP, SS, RP, BOGO stands for.  It took me a couple of months to realize that OOP was “Out of Pocket”, I had a few different ideas that I made up in my head, but it was nice to finally figure out what it actually meant.   This cheat sheet will give you a quick rundown of most of the acronyms and abbreviations that you will see on this website and most other coupon websites.


BOGO & B1G1 or B1G2 = Buy one Get one free (or two free)

IP = Internet Printable Coupon

ISO =  Couponer term for In Search Of (when trading coupons)

FLIP = Food Lion Internet Printable

GM – General Mills Insert

MFR = Manufacturers

OOP = Out of Pocket

OYNO = On your next order

P&G = Proctor and Gamble Insert

PQ = Publix Coupon

Q = Coupon

RP = Red Plum Insert

SS = Smart Source Insert

SQ = Store Coupon

TQ = Target Coupon

WT = Wine Tag or Hang Tag (hangs over neck of product)

WYB = When you Buy

UFT = Up for trade


You will notice that we refer to various different types of coupons in our matchups.
Here is  basic description of those coupons:


Pull these coupons from the “blinking” machines at grocery stores. Blinking boxes are found hanging off the shelf in front of various products.

Coupon Booklet:

These are booklets usually found in a particular store that will have either manufacturers coupons or store coupons or even a combination of both.  We will usually reference which store the booklet was found.   Coupon booklets can be found in different areas of the store and are usually found on a cardboard display.   At times customer service will keep the booklets behind the counter so always ask.


Coupons found attached to a product. You have to peel them off the product.  If you look closely there is usually an arrow on one corner where you can pull the coupon off the sticky material attached to the product.

Tear pads:

Pads of coupons typically found in front of specific products like cookies, crackers and snacks.  These are usually high value coupons so when you see them, grab them!

Hang Tags or Wine Tags:

This is a coupon that is hanging over the neck of the product.  You will find both manufacturers coupons and store coupons.

Advantage Flyers:

Advantage Flyers are slick sales flyers that a store will put out to advertise certain products that are on sale and coupons that they want to get out to the consumer.   Publix will have two different advantage flyers per month, a health & beauty and a grocery advantage.  You will usually find these at the front of the store near the regular sales ads.

That’s it for today!  Join me each week as I discuss different topics regarding couponing!  If you have a particular question or would like for me to address a specific topic, please message me and  I will add it to my schedule.


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