Case-It 3″ zipper binder just $17.99! Great coupon binder!!

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If you are looking for a COUPON BINDER, this is the one to grab!!

When I first started couponing and was building my stockpile, it was necessary for me to carry all of my coupons with me so that I didn’t miss a deal.  I liked to visually see the coupons that I had and LOVED my coupon binder!

In my quest to find the BEST coupon binder on the market, I came across this Case-It 3″ Zipper binder that has the 5 tab expandable pockets and pencil holder built right in.   It comes in many different colors, mine was red and I LOVED IT!


case it binder 1

case it binder 2

I used the expanding folder feature on the left to keep track of my Publix Advantage Flyers and coupon booklets that I found.  It worked out great!!

When I bought my binder they were MUCH more expensive, but I noticed that you can pick them up now on Amazon for $17.99 and have it shipped right to your home.

CLICK HERE to check out the Case-it Large Capacity 3-Inch Zipper Binder!

When I put my binder together, I used baseball card holders for my coupons and that worked well, however, I noticed that there are several companies that now sell sleeves in different sizes JUST FOR COUPONS!!   If you choose to use regular baseball card holders, they can be found at Walmart or Target near the trading cards for approximately $5-$6 for a pack of 30.

If you want to check out a couple of other options click here:

Coupon Binder Pages – Starter 20 Page Assortment + Bonus Sleeve


One of the very most important things to couponing effectively is to have a system to store your coupons so that you can easily find them when you need them. Most people find the BINDER METHOD to be the best when starting out.  This method works really well when you first start couponing because it puts all of the coupons in individual categories which makes it super easy to find the coupons that you need.   I have pocket dividers in the front of my binder with the store’s that I regularly shop at (Publix is first of course for me) and I put the weekly flyer for each store in that pocket for easy reference.  My coupons are then organized by department based upon the layout of my Publix Store:  Health & Beauty, Dairy & Cold, Canned & Boxed, Snacks & Drinks and Household.  This keeps everything very tidy and easy to access.

Instructions to assemble your Coupon Binder:

The first section is the store section, you will use the heavy-duty pocket dividers and label them based on the stores that you will regularly coupon visit.  My pocket dividers are labeled:  Publix, Winn Dixie, CVS, Walmart & Target . These will hold the weekly sales fliers for each store as you get them on Sunday.

The Second Section is for the department dividers.  You will need a minimum of FIVE and label them:  Health & Beauty, Dairy & Cold, Canned & Boxed, Snacks & Frozen, Household.

Behind each divider will be 3-5 pages of baseball holders (or coupon sleeves) to keep your coupons from that category.  One package of 30 will get you started with your new binder.

As you are building your initial stockpile of the things that your family uses and needs, it is important that you have your coupons easily accessible.  Building a really good stockpile takes anywhere from six to twelve weeks depending on how frequently you shop and if you are getting in on all of the deals as they come up.

You will find that during this “Building” phase, your binder will grow really fast, almost bursting at the seams as you are clipping, printing and grabbing every coupon that you see.  This can get overwhelming, but rest assured, it won’t always be this way if you just stick with it.   You can find more information on this topic on our blog under the category COUPON TIPS and Organizing your Coupons.

Your binder will become your new best friend!! Take pictures when you set up your binder to share with everyone on our chat page!!

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