Let’s talk about organizing our coupons, GASP!

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how to organize your coupons
Organization hasn’t always been my strong point.  I consider myself more of a “big picture” person, so the idea of having hundreds if not thousands of coupons floating around in my purse or on my counter was not something that I was looking forward to when I first started couponing on a higher level.

I realized very early on that carrying all of my coupons in a small expanding envelope in my purse was not going to work.  I think that I tried pretty much every method of organizing my coupons until I finally realized that the binder method was the best and most practical for new couponers.

This method works really well when you first start couponing because it puts all of the coupons in individual categories which makes it super easy to find the coupons that you need.   I have pocket dividers in the front of my binder with the store’s that I regularly shop at (Publix is first of course) and I put the weekly flyer for each store in that pocket for easy reference.  My coupons are then organized by department based upon the layout of my Publix Store:  Health & Beauty, Dairy & Cold, Canned & Boxed, Snacks & Drinks and Household.  This keeps everything very tidy and easy to access.

case it binder 2

As you are building your initial stockpile of the things that your family uses and needs, it is important that you have your coupons easily accessible.
Building a really good stockpile takes anywhere from six to twelve weeks depending on how frequently you shop and if you are getting in on all of the deals as they come up. 
You will find that during this “Building” phase, your binder will grow really really fast, almost bursting at the seams as you are clipping, printing and grabbing every coupon that you see.  This can get overwhelming, but rest assured, it won’t always be this way if you just stick with it.
Eventually what happens, is that you build up a good supply of the items that your family needs and uses, and you begin ONLY purchasing the deals that are necessary to fill in the holes in your pantry.  This is when you really start to notice that you are saving the most money at the register.  Since your pantry is full, the only items that you will need to buy are those items that you family has used that you need to replenish or those items that you intend to donate to your church / food pantry or give to others in need.  This is a great point to be at and trust me, it does not take very long to get there if you focus on building your stockpile in the early stages of couponing.
Once you reach this point, you will realize that you don’t need to carry every single coupon with you at all times, because you don’t need many of the items even if it is a great deal since your pantry is already fully stocked!  This will happen with pasta, cereal, snacks, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, body wash and other items.

This is the time to move to the “Insert Method” of organizing your coupons.  Usually people move to this method when they are getting multiple coupon inserts each week.  When you do that, it is WAY too time consuming to sit and clip every single coupon and put them in your binder.  Also, your binder gets entirely too big when you put that many coupons in it each week.  I do know of people that just increase the size of their binder, but in my opinion, this method is much easier.


Insert Method

You will begin by creating envelopes or file folders for each week’s inserts.  For example, since there were two inserts in the 1/23 paper, you would have two different folders or envelopes for that week.  They would be labeled 1/23 RedPlum & 1/23 SmartSource  (or abbreviate RP and SS).  If you order your inserts online like I do, they come in a Priority envelope already, so I just write the date on the outside of the envelope and they are already neat and tidy!

Once you have them neatly placed in an envelope or file folder, now its time to decide how you would like to store these.  There are many options to consider depending on space and decor.  I have a small file cabinet next to my chair that I thought would be wonderful (and it was) but personally I prefer to buy square baskets with lids or square ottomans when I see them on clearance for under $5.00, they work perfect and you can’t tell what is inside them!!

coupon box method
Note that there are dividers for each week inserts labeled for easy access
I try to keep things as simple as possible and prefer to try to use something that looks like it belongs in the house so that I don’t have a bunch of plastic containers stacked up. 
I have a large basket with a lid that fits file folders in perfectly and I have several different foot ottomans that I find every now and then on clearance for around $5.00 that I use as well.  These come in all different colors so watch for them!  Target has these in their  home decor area and clearance out the old print when bringing in new prints:
storage ottoman

Looks like a regular foot ottoman, but inside are my mailing envelopes neatly lined up by date for easy access.  No need to buy file folders or envelopes!(I date the mailing envelope and just stack them right in the ottoman and cover!)

Make sure that you DATE the outside of the insert so you can just flip to it and know what the date is instead of having to  read the tiny print on the side of the insert.
white space
With the insert method, there is still a need for a small binder to keep your peelies, blinkies, tearpad and printable coupons in.  If there is a coupon in that week’s inserts for an item that I KNOW that I would want to buy a bunch of if I found it free or really cheap, I will cut every one of the coupons that I want and put them in my binder.  Otherwise, I just wait until I do the coupon match-ups for that weeks deals, go to the folder or envelope for the week and insert that I reference, and clip the coupons right before going to the store!  If the item is out of stock and I have to get a rain check, I put the coupons that I have clipped into my binder where they belong and put the rain check in the pocket of that particular store (such as Publix).
The insert method can be used instead of the binder method for all coupon inserts if you don’t want to clip coupons at all until you need them.  The problem with that is that you wont have your coupons when you find a deal or go right to them for items that you are planning to buy that are not on sale that week.  Your savings will be less in those cases, but the time that you normally spent clipping is eliminated completely.  You have to decide which works for you.
 white space

I recently moved to the “Coupon Box” method of organization.  Each week, I gather my inserts and lay each page out stacking like pages on top of one another, so there will be SIX of each page in each pile.   I then STAPLE each coupon (still on the sheets), I have stapled the in the middle of each coupon but find it easier to staple closer to the top of each coupon.  Then I simply CLIP each set out while they are all stapled together.

What I will end up with are stacks of six of the exact same coupons already stapled together.

Once they are clipped, I will simply plop it right into the box behind the category that it goes.  Simple! They wont slip away from each other or shimmy and fold and will look neat and tidy.  This eliminates several steps if you are using the binder method currently.  Here is a photo of what it looks like set up as I am putting a batch of coupons in their place.


coupon box keeper


The system above is called the MY COUPON KEEPER SYSTEM.  If you are interested in purchasing a My Coupon Keeper system you have a couple of options, the regular and the deluxe, you can check them both out by clicking here.



Here are some additional organizational options from our readers:

COMBO SYSTEMS – Filing / Binder / Accordion

Many people find that using just ONE organization system isn’t enough to keep things under control.   The solution to that is to use a combination of several systems.    You can file inserts by date, keep a binder for printables, blinkies, tearpads and other miscellaneous coupons then use a small purse accordion file for the coupons you will use in that trip!!

combo system



I am always jealous when someone has a really snazzy filing cabinet or cart and keeps it neat and orderly like these!  Most of the time their inserts are filed by date and type in hanging folders and they clip the coupons as they go when a deal pops up!!


filing cart


This system is so easy that you simply can’t go wrong.   Valerie separates her coupons by the deals she will be doing then keeps them in separate color coded zipper pouches by STORE!  Although that might not work for those of you with a zillion coupons, this is a really neat, clean and efficient way to carry your coupons for specific deals at specific stores!

simple method

I hope some of these tips will help those of you struggling with keeping your coupons organized or brings you to the next level on handling all of those awesome coupons that we get!!  It is so much fun to get in on the deals and even more fun when you reduce the work that it takes to deal with your coupons!! 

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How to Purge Expired Coupon Inserts!

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How to Purge Expired Coupon Inserts!

For me, convenience is the name of the game.  I want the easiest path to accomplish my goal.  In this case it is to purge all coupon inserts that have expired and either recycle those inserts or give them to one of the organizations that collects expired coupons for military families overseas.   What I like to do is to determine which inserts have no valid coupons left in them and purge those inserts first.  If there are inserts with more than TEN valid coupons, I will keep those inserts intact until the next purging round rather than take the time to go through and clip each and every one of those coupons, it is all about time management to me.  If an insert has just a couple of valid coupons, I will decide if I would purchase the item if it were free or cheap and if so, I will clip those coupons and get rid of the rest of the insert.

I personally do not clip all coupons from my inserts.  I order my inserts from an insert service, they come to me in a 2-3 day mailer, so I simply write the date of the inserts on the outside of the mailer envelope, plop it in a file box and use that for my filing system!  To read more about how I organize my coupons click here.

Looks like a regular foot ottoman, but inside are my mailing envelopes neatly lined up by date for easy access.  I write the date on the outside of the envelope, put them in the ottoman, pop on the top and they are out of sight and nice and tidy.   No need to buy file folders or envelopes!




We have a very simple tool on the MAIN PAGE of our website (it is there all the time) where you can plug in the month you have and it will tell you which inserts are still valid.  Try it out here, now to see how you like it:

Here is a more thorough method that I use too

I have a really easy system that prevents me from throwing out old inserts that might still have valid, non-expired coupons in them. Here’s what I do:

On the coupon mom website, when you click on the insert database link HERE it will show you the SOUTHEAST REGION COUPON DATABASE.  This is a list of all coupons that have been distributed in Florida (you can change the state to wherever you live).  

  • When the coupon database opens, don’t search for anything in the search box.
  • Simply scroll down to the very bottom (past the pictures) and you will see every available non-expired coupon listed in date order from newest to oldest.
  • Scroll down to the very bottom of the list, where the oldest possible coupons are.  To the right of that it shows you the expiration date of the coupon.  That gives you a good starting point to know which you can get rid of and go from there 🙂









Our military families are limited to doing their shopping for groceries and household items at the Commissaries and Post Exchanges on base, where prices are much more expensive than you will find in our stores in the US.  Both the Commissaries and Post Exchanges allow the use of manufacturer’s coupons up to 6 months past their expiration date. In
other words, a coupon with the expiration date of January 31st can be used overseas until July 31st. Our military families who are stationed overseas do not have easy access to the Sunday newspapers like we do here, so they are very appreciative of any coupons that are sent their way.   Most organizations that collect and send expired coupons overseas require you to send coupons that are no more than one month expired to allow time for packaging and shipping and enough time for the coupon to be used once it is delivered.   One organization that does a great job with this is called Troopons – Coupons for Troops.

For more information regarding this program CLICK HERE.


SO what are you waiting for?  Time to get yourself back on track!  Chop Chop!!  🙂 

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Coupon Tips: Publix GAS CARD DEALS – how do they work?

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beginners start here Gas Card Deals
One of the most popular questions I hear is “how does the gas card deal work at Publix”.  If you are new to gas card deals this should help you to understand how it works!

What is a gas card deal?
Every so often Publix will run a promotion in their weekly sales flyer where you will get $10 off a $50 gas card when you buy $50 or more in groceries.  This promotion will be on the front page of the flyer and is a large coupon that says $10 off a $50 Gas Card!

How long does the gas card deal last?
When Publix runs the gas card promotion, it is good from the first day of the ad until Sunday.  The promotion runs for four or five days which will depend on if your ad starts on Wednesday or Thursday.

If I have to buy $50 in groceries, is that BEFORE coupons or AFTER coupons?
The purchase requirement of $50 in groceries is BEFORE other coupons.   You will want to have the cashier ring up all of the items that you are purchasing prior to giving her the gas card and coupon while your total is the highest.  This avoids any issues.

How do I get the gas card and how do I do the transaction?
When you are shopping, swing by one of the gift card displays which are usually located on an end cap and grab a $50.00 Gas Gift Card.  Some locations have specific gift cards that you can purchase such as a Shell Card or RaceTrack Card, there are usually signs promoting the $10 off in front of the proper gas cards.

Once you have completed your shopping, load all of your groceries onto the belt to be scanned by the cashier.  DO NOT hand over any of your coupons at this time, wait until all of the groceries are scanned.  Once all of your groceries have been scanned and you have met the $50 purchase requirement hand the cashier the $50.00 Gas Gift Card that you picked up earlier and ALSO hand the cashier the $10.00 off coupon that is on the front of the weekly sales flyer.   The cashier will then process the $50 Gas Card and will take $10 off the price of the gas card.

When do I give the cashier the rest of my coupons?
AFTER the cashier has processed your gas card and the $10 off gas card coupon you can hand the cashier the rest of the coupons that you are planning to use.

What if my balance goes BELOW $50 after coupons, is that still allowed?
Yes!  That is actually our goal, we want to get our balance as low as possible by using coupons! It doesn’t matter if you get it all the way down to zero, as long as your balance was at least $50 prior to the cashier processing the gas card and coupon!  This is a great time to use rain checks that you might have for freebies or money makers to get your balance up to $50 (before coupons) and to maximize your savings!!

What if I have a Publix or a Competitor dollars-off-total-coupon such as a $5.00 off $30.00 coupon, can I use that too at the same time?
Yes!  This is what the Publix Coupon Policy states:

“Dollars-off-total-order coupons will be limited to one Publix and one competitor’s coupon per day, per household. The total order before coupons must be equal to or greater than the combined purchase requirements indicated on the coupon(s) presented.”

Basically, what this means is that the GAS CARD COUPON is considered a dollars off total order coupon so you can NOT use another Publix money off coupon BUT you CAN use a competitor dollars off total coupon such as a Winn Dixie $5.00/$30.00 coupon.   HOWEVER, the key is that in order to use BOTH your total BEFORE COUPONS would have to meet both coupon requirements.  Since the gas card coupon is a $10 off $50 and the Winn Dixie (example) is a $5 off $30 your total BEFORE coupons would have to be $80 in order to use both.

Why does everyone get so excited about gas card week?
Basically, any way you look at it you will be getting $10 in FREE GAS with this promotion!  If you normally buy at least $50 in groceries with our without coupons (gasp!) you would want to get in on this deal.  If you drive a vehicle you need gas, so why not get $10 off $50 in gas?!  It sounds like a great deal to me!!

Happy Dance Laurel and hardy

I hope that this helped you to understand how the gas card deals work at Publix!  During gas card week you will see a lot of people posting their shopping hauls which includes a gas card. It is really fun to see someone with a big pyramid of groceries PLUS a $50 Gas Card and paid UNDER $50 for all of it after coupons!  Once you get in on the action you will be excited when you see a gas card week announced too!  Trust me!!  Happy Couponing!

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IBOTTA = FREE MONEY! This is good, really good!

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Ibotta cash back can be used at pretty much every store now!!  

I want to tell you about a new phone app called ibotta (like I “bought a”) that you can download and start earning REAL CASH back when you purchase items at Publix and other stores like Winn Dixie, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Target, Dollar General and Family Dollar too!!

This is SO COOL, here is how it works:

  You check out what they have to offer, you click on whichever ones you want (they will be part of my store matchups now), buy the item, scan the item, then take a photo of your receipt and upload it to IBOTTA and you get a credit that can then be transferred as CASH right to your paypal account!!  I use this to purchase my coupons and things and its GREAT!

These are the official steps to get started:

  • Before shopping choose your offers from ibotta, the more offers you choose the more cash you’ll earn!  You can select options to increase your payout such as getting a tip on the product or watch a short video.  For example, one of the available items is Capri Sun, if I learn a fact about Capri Sun I get $.25 (fact pops up), if I take a one question poll I earn an additional $.50, if I post it on my facebook wall I get an additional $1.00 back for a total of $1.75 JUST for buying Capri Sun!  Plus I can use my coupons as always.  That’s FREE MONEY!  I LOVE FREE MONEY!
  • Then simply go shopping and buy the chosen products at the store that you selected.
  • Take a photo of your receipt and upload it to Ibotta.  They will verify the purchases and credit your account within 24 hours!  Nice!  FREE MONEY in 24 hours!  I love it!  You can redeem each Ibotta credit ONE TIME regardless of how many of the item you purchase.

You can actually get REAL MONEY loaded onto a PayPal account or donated to any school in America!

TIP:  Each time you redeem a offer they will send you a new one.  Tell them your likes and dislikes and they will send you more personalized offers.




What are you waiting for?!  Go check it out!!  I think I am going to LOVE this since I LOVE free money!!

Caroline’s Coupon Tips – Acronyms and Abbreviations

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coupon tips

ACRONYMS AND ABBREVIATIONS – What do they stand for???

When you first start couponing, you will notice that most coupon blogs or experienced couponers use abbreviations often.   It is easier to just type out the abbreviation for frequently used terms so everyone does it.  However, if you are new, it is very confusing to try to figure out what OOP, SS, RP, BOGO stands for.  It took me a couple of months to realize that OOP was “Out of Pocket”, I had a few different ideas that I made up in my head, but it was nice to finally figure out what it actually meant.   This cheat sheet will give you a quick rundown of most of the acronyms and abbreviations that you will see on this website and most other coupon websites.


BOGO & B1G1 or B1G2 = Buy one Get one free (or two free)

IP = Internet Printable Coupon

ISO =  Couponer term for In Search Of (when trading coupons)

FLIP = Food Lion Internet Printable

GM – General Mills Insert

MFR = Manufacturers

OOP = Out of Pocket

OYNO = On your next order

P&G = Proctor and Gamble Insert

PQ = Publix Coupon

Q = Coupon

RP = Red Plum Insert

SS = Smart Source Insert

SQ = Store Coupon

TQ = Target Coupon

WT = Wine Tag or Hang Tag (hangs over neck of product)

WYB = When you Buy

UFT = Up for trade


You will notice that we refer to various different types of coupons in our matchups.
Here is  basic description of those coupons:


Pull these coupons from the “blinking” machines at grocery stores. Blinking boxes are found hanging off the shelf in front of various products.

Coupon Booklet:

These are booklets usually found in a particular store that will have either manufacturers coupons or store coupons or even a combination of both.  We will usually reference which store the booklet was found.   Coupon booklets can be found in different areas of the store and are usually found on a cardboard display.   At times customer service will keep the booklets behind the counter so always ask.


Coupons found attached to a product. You have to peel them off the product.  If you look closely there is usually an arrow on one corner where you can pull the coupon off the sticky material attached to the product.

Tear pads:

Pads of coupons typically found in front of specific products like cookies, crackers and snacks.  These are usually high value coupons so when you see them, grab them!

Hang Tags or Wine Tags:

This is a coupon that is hanging over the neck of the product.  You will find both manufacturers coupons and store coupons.

Advantage Flyers:

Advantage Flyers are slick sales flyers that a store will put out to advertise certain products that are on sale and coupons that they want to get out to the consumer.   Publix will have two different advantage flyers per month, a health & beauty and a grocery advantage.  You will usually find these at the front of the store near the regular sales ads.

That’s it for today!  Join me each week as I discuss different topics regarding couponing!  If you have a particular question or would like for me to address a specific topic, please message me and  I will add it to my schedule.


In the meantime, join us on our Facebook Fan page, or our Facebook Chat Page, we are all here for each other and would be glad to answer any questions that you might have.  Everyone is great and helps each other so join in on the fun!

Caroline’s Coupon Tips – Swagbucks

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Understanding Swagbucks

One of the most frequently asked questions that I have had lately is “What are Swagbucks and how do they work”.   Right away I can tell you that I personally LOVE Swagbucks!  It is amazing and I am a BIG BELIEVER in Swagbucks!  If you aren’t signed up yet or haven’t jumped on the Swagbucks train yet, you are leaving awesome freebies sitting on the table!  Here is how to get started:
The first and most important thing that you need to do to get started is to sign up for Swagbucks.  Once you have registered for Swagbucks you will start earning bucks for doing the same things that you do online every single day.

One way to earn bucks is to start doing your online searches through Swagbucks instead of Google or Yahoo or whoever you use for your online searches.  You can use the Swagbucks search engine (which is powered by Google by the way) for anything that you would normally search for through another engine, this will earn you bucks very easily.  I use a search engine a LOT during the day when searching for a particular coupon or if I am interested in some other topic, now I get paid for searching!  It doesn’t change the information that I get and it isn’t any more complicated than with any other engine so I have nothing to lose and everything to gain by using the Swagbucks search engine!  You can do this in one of several ways:

The easiest way is to download the Swagbucks toolbar.  I prefer this method because once it is downloaded I don’t have to do anything else other than search the same way that I normally would.  I enter the topic that I am interested in at the top of my browser and BAM I earn bucks just for searching!  I barely notice that I have it up there unless I glance up and notice that my Swagbucks balance has increased!


I don’t even notice that it is there until a box pops up every so often telling me that I have won some bucks!


If you don’t want to download the toolbar or if it seems to interfere with your browser in any way, you can simply make Swagbucks your home page.  When you launch your browser, Swagbucks is the first thing that pops up.  If you want to search for anything just enter it on the search engine right there.  I know of some people that make Swagbucks their homepage and then open another tab next to it for facebook or whatever and when they need to search they just go over to that tab and enter in their search information.  I personally like to keep things simple and the toolbar works great for me.  I use Firefox as my browser and have never had any issues with it at all.

Check out the “Earn” tab on the Swagbucks site:

There are many other ways of earning Swagbucks which are listed under the “Earn” tab on the main page of the Swagbucks site.  Explore around and see what works for you!

Also, on Fridays they will often have
MEGA SWAGBUCKS DAY where you can earn from 20 to 100 to over 5,000 Swag
Bucks just for surfing the web!!  So when this is announced you will
want to make sure you are using your swag bucks toolbar that day!

Leading up to the holidays there are really good Secret Swag Bucks codes that are released that you can enter in to build up your bucks!!  Sometimes the high dollar ones are only available for one hour so make  sure that you become a Fan of MyCouponExpert on Facebook so that you will be up to date with the latest deals!

I will be using my toolbar and earning Swag Bucks from now until Christmas and you should too!  I mean seriously… who wouldn’t LOVE a FREE CHRISTMAS!!!  You don’t even have to do anything other than what you are already doing online!



You can redeem your Swagbucks for prizes!!  There are a ton of prizes
available.  There are gift cards from Amazon (my favorite), Pay Pal, Target, Barnes
& Noble Gift Cards etc.  There are even fun prizes like holiday
decorations, stickers, pencils, etc.  The prizes I want are Amazon Gift
Cards.  You can get a $5.00 Amazon gift card for 450 Swagbucks.  You can
get higher denominations of Amazon cards, but the $5.00 is the best for
your money.  Once you redeem for the Amazon gift cards you can
accumulate them until you want to make a purchase! 

Once you have enough Swag Bucks to redeem
towards your prize, go to the “Swag Store” which is under the “Rewards”
column on your Swag Bucks homepage.  From there, you can find the gift
you want.  If you select a $5.00 Amazon Gift Card, you will need to
confirm your purchase by clicking on the email that they send you.
After you do that, you will have to wait around a week for Swag Bucks
to assign a $5.00 Amazon Gift Card code to you.  You will receive an
email once the code is assigned.  You then go to your Swag Bucks
account, click on “My Gift Cards”, type in your password and you will be
able to retrieve your gift card code.  Copy the code, go to your Amazon
account, paste the code into your account where it says “Apply a Gift
Certificate/Card to Your Account” and you will then see that you now
have a $5.00 credit in your Amazon account.  You can keep adding credits
to your Amazon account until you choose to buy something.  Amazon will
hold your credits and will not delete them.

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  Join now or you are leaving FREE MONEY on the table!

Check it out and let me know if you have any questions.  Also, you
should know that SWAG BUCKS is really big on privacy and will not share
your email address or searching data with anyone.  They are ANTI-SPAM
and take that very seriously.  You will not get a bunch of junk from





Take the 52 week Money Challenge!! It’s easier than you think!!

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I LOVE this and try to do it every year!  
This is a great way to save for a rainy day or a much needed vacation!


Basically, the way that it works is that you start out by saving $1 the first week of the year and increase your savings by $1 each week.  At the end of the year you will have a total of $1,378 and it was pretty much painless!!  I have heard of some people starting with the higher amount and going lower, either way you do it, you will have a nice little pile of money saved up by the end of the year!   How cool is that!!

You can CLICK HERE to download a .pdf version of this checklist to help you get going!!


MyCouponExpert 52week challenge

CLICK HERE for a PRINTABLE .PDF version of this checklist

Have you tried this yet?  I know of a LOT of people who have and are now THRILLED with their savings this week!!

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Are you using EBATES?! I love it when my BIG FAT CHECK arrives!!

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This is an AWESOME program for FREE money!
I LOVE getting my Ebates Big Fat Check!!

get a LOT of questions on how Ebates works so I thought I would do a special post about it to help everyone understand.  Once you start using it and get your first Big Fat Check you will be hooked!!  If you aren’t using EBATES you are leaving money on the table!

EBATES is an awesome program to participate in during the holidays!
If you haven’t heard of Ebates before and you plan to follow the awesome deals that I will be posting, make sure you sign up RIGHT AWAY!!

Just for signing up you will get a FREE $10.00 Gift Card of your choice after you make your first $25 purchase.    We will be posting deals that will go through ebates so it will be super easy to get that!

When you click over to Ebates, if you are new (not for existing members), this box will pop up asking you which card you want, make SURE you select one now since that is the only chance you will get!  It will come in the mail!

ebates ten bucks

What is EBATES?

Ebates is a website that helps you earn up to 25% (but usually more like 6-10%) cash back when you shop from any of their participating online retailers. All you have to do is sign up with EBATES for an account, then begin your shopping session from their site.


So let’s say I decide I’m going to order something from JC Penney, I know that JC Penney is one of the companies that partners with Ebates (pretty much every retailer is) and I know that I’ll get a whopping 10% in cash back if I shop there through Ebates.  This is how I would do it:

1) Go to Ebates.com
2) Sift through their drop-down menu of stores or search for the store I want
3) Click on the JC Penney link from there, a pop up will show that you are logged in thru Ebates

Clicking on JC Penney from Ebates simply opens a new window in which the JC Penney site loads, and when I place my JC Penney order from it as usual, my order is assigned an Ebates tracking ticket and my account gets credited for the appropriate amount of cash back. 

If I spend 20 bucks on my order, I get 2 bucks back!  Okay so it’s not a HUGE amount of  money, but in my opinion it’s a really small effort on my part to occasionally get FREE MONEY when I am shopping online!  You will be SHOCKED at how fast it builds up!

During the holidays this can really add up! For me its a no brainer!

CLICK HERE to sign up, its FREE!


Savingstar is adding Publix! Are you signed up yet? It’s like Free Money!

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Publix is joining SAVINGSTAR in Mid-March!  YAY!!


This is a REALLY AWESOME program that you should be signed up for!

Right now Winn Dixie, Sweetbay and CVS all participate in SavingStar which is a paperless coupon program that attaches to your loyalty card for that store.  Since Publix doesn’t have a loyalty card, you will be able to just upload your receipts via their phone app to get your money back!!   The way it works is that when you buy participating items from the list of promotions (we will include in our matchups) they will DEPOSIT that money into your account and every time you hit $5.00 you can cash out thru Paypal!!  It is SUPER EASY to use and you are going to LOVE IT!

Savingstar how it works


SavingStar the smart and simple way to save on your groceries and online shopping.

Depending on where you live, MANY other stores in your area may be participating too!!  All you have to do is sign in and enter your zip on the main page and it will tell you what stores in your area are participating.

Here’s how it works:

You register for SavingStar (super quick and easy) and you enter in your store rewards cards if there are any.  I personally entered Winn Dixie and CVS because those are the two that I am most likely to use but I WILL be using this at Publix primarily!


Savingstar how it works 2

 Once it is in your account you can cash out to paypal, have them deposit the money into your bank account or donate to charity!!

Once you sign up, they even have an iphone or android app that you can download to your phone and pick coupons while on the go!

SIGN UP PEOPLE!!  You are NOT going to miss out on the extra opportunity for FREE MONEY when shopping at Publix!  This is BIG NEWS and I can tell you it works!!

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I love Ibotta! I just cashed out $20 to my paypal! Are you doing it too?

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I seriously LOVE IBOTTA!
I know that there are a ton of different cash back apps, but in my opinion, Ibotta is the easiest one to use.  I pretty just buy the things I am normally going to buy and then scan my receipt into my Ibotta app and within minutes the money is in my account!


I noticed that there are a few NEW generic rebates like MILK, CHEESE, JELLY, SALAD & PEANUT BUTTER that you could do right now at Publix!  Heck, we are always buying milk so why not get cash back for your purchase!

Ibotta Feb 1

Ibotta Feb 2

Basically, you can use those generic ones on any brand that you buy so it works out pretty nice and very easy! Right now Peter Pan Peanut Butter is BOGO at Publix (through 2/18) so you could do that one really easily along with your milk rebate!  Fresh Express Salad will be BOGO in the upcoming sale (2/19) so that would be another one to score!


I use Ibotta primarily at Publix, Winn Dixie, Walmart and CVS but there are a ton of other stores that have rebates too!   If you haven’t jumped on board you are leaving money on the table for nothing!  It takes very little work and you get cash back for the things you are buying anyways!  Even if you use coupons!

Here’s how it works:
  • Click here and sign up for Ibotta
  • AFTER signing up, download the app to your phone and sign in using the info you registered with
  • Click on REBATES and select which store you want to shop at
  • Pick the cash back items you think you will buy and perform the quick task which is usually something like read short fact about that item, etc.
  • Go shopping like you normally would and buy the items at your convenience (using coupons is fine and dandy!)
  • When you are done, just take a quick pick of your receipt and submit it through your phone app to ibotta and REALLY FAST they will verify it and plop the cash right into your Ibotta account!
  • Once the cash is there and you reach $10 you can do an immediate transfer to your Paypal account and spend it right away!


ibotta feb 3

I always add the IBOTTA Cash Back offers in my matchups when I see them.  This makes it easy to just add that item to your list and submit your receipt once you buy.   Again, this is my favorite Cash Back App and the one that I use almost exclusively! 

Let me know if you need any help understanding how it works!

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