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OH EM GEEEEE!!! I have been BURSTING AT THE SEAMS wanting to tell you about the new coupon organization system that I have been using, but we were waiting for their new shipment to arrive before I could tell you about it since they were completely sold out!

I LOVE My Coupon Keeper box!  So far, it has been the easiest system that I have used!!

As many of you know, I have used the binder system and the filing system (you can read about those methods here) and I am constantly looking for ways to make things easier and keep my coupons tidy around the house.  The newest trend is the coupon box method and honestly, I can see how this really does make a difference!  I was looking for the most convenient and ready to go system on the market and I found this with the My Coupon Keeper System!   The last time that I mentioned this system was when I was thinking about trying it out myself.  We were discussing it on our coupon chat page  and within an hour or so they sold COMPLETELY out!  If you are thinking about switching to the box method for organizing your coupons, this is the one that I personally recommend.

You can also get 10% off your order by using the coupon code MyCouponExpert (all one word) at check out here.

NOTE:  After inquiring about their product, the awesome people over at My Coupon Keeper sent me one of their Deluxe Systems to try free of charge to allow me to properly review the product and let you all know what I thought about their product.   I did not receive any other compensation for this review and all thoughts and opinions are my own (Melissa & Ellie’s thoughts are below as well). 

Let me show you what the My Coupon Keeper system looks like and how it works:

deluxe system

My Coupon Keeper  is basically a box that holds all of your coupons.

Before you let your mind go nuts about how you can make your own and the ins and outs of switching to the box method, let me tell you what it comes with and how to use it.   To me, this system has been carefully thought out and the designer took into consideration pretty much every detail that we as couponers would be looking for.

The box holds up to 1800 coupons, so there is plenty of room to store all of your coupons.  I personally get SIX sets of coupon inserts per week so I needed something big enough to hold all of my coupons.  I like to keep my stuff as organized as possible because it will drive me NUTS if I have coupons everywhere.   This system helps me do that and has cleaned up a LOT of space in my house where coupon inserts used to be.

Here is how it works:

Each week, I gather my inserts and lay each page out stacking like pages on top of one another, so there will be SIX of each page in each pile.   I then STAPLE each coupon (still on the sheets), I have stapled the in the middle of each coupon but find it easier to staple closer to the top of each coupon.  Then I simply CLIP each set out while they are all stapled together.

What I will end up with are stacks of six of the exact same coupons already stapled together.

Once they are clipped, I will simply plop it right into the box behind the category that it goes.  Simple! They wont slip away from each other or shimmy and fold and will look neat and tidy.  This eliminates several steps if you are using the binder method currently.  Here is a photo of what it looks like set up as I am putting a batch of coupons in their place.

coupon keeper 2

The system comes with a shopping folder for organization too!

When I am making my shopping list, I will simply go to that category and pull out an already stapled stack of the coupons that I plan to use.  I then take those coupons and put them with my list on the LEFT SIDE of the purse size folder that is included with the Deluxe System.  Once I locate the item in the store, I pull off however many coupons I will be using and move the coupons over to the RIGHT SIDE of the folder and put the rest of them (still stapled) back into my box!  This is so simple and clean!  In the past I had issues with pulling coupons that I planned on using, not finding the item in the store and ended up not putting my coupons back into my binder and having a  big mess.  This completely eliminates that problem.

This is a visual of how you would use the system:

how coupon box works

What the My Coupon Keeper Deluxe system comes with:

The deluxe box is super durable and is divided into two parts, it comes with 48 PVC grade dividers / coupon guides and 55 pre-printed category labels.  It also comes with THREE purse folders that you will move your coupons to when you are shopping before checking out (see photo below).  The deluxe system also comes with reuseable grocery bag so you could carry your system in if you choose (more about that later).    I like how it comes completely ready to go with a full system idea so we don’t have to even think about it.  You get the box, put your labels that they give you on the cards, clip your coupons, put them in the box and go shopping!  That is my kind of system!  It is HANDS DOWN the easiest system to transition into if you are currently doing the binder or file method of coupon organization.  I LOVE IT!

How to carry your coupon box around:

The entire system is really designed to have everything set up where you make your list, pull your coupons, put them in the folder and go shopping.  However, I personally like to take ALL of my coupons with me when I shop just in case an unexpected deal pops up.  I know that most of you do too, so I want to talk about some options.  The box is very transportable as it comes since it has a lock down top and is easy to manage.   The Deluxe System comes with a reuseable grocery bag which you could also use to carry your box around, however, I found the grocery bag to be a little too tall and not quite as manageable as I would like.  I had a tote at my house that my box fit into perfectly that I have been using since I got my box.  I have been looking around for something really special since my coupon binder was like my baby and my coupon keeper has turned out to be my new and improved baby.  After looking around, I have decided that I am ordering a sweet 31 utility tote from a friend of mine who is a 31 consultant.  I think that it will work perfect with the huge pockets on the sides.  This is the bag that I will be ordering and of course I will put “Ima Coupon Freak” on the outside as my embroidery choice 🙂

organizer tote


If you are interested in purchasing a My Coupon Keeper system you have a couple of options, the regular and the deluxe, you can check them both out by clicking here.  Remember, they sold out SUPER FAST the last time we were talking about this, so if you want to grab one now is the time.   If you decide to buy now you can use the coupon code MyCouponExpert (all one word) to get 10% off your order!!




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I can’t wait to hear how much you LOVE your MyCouponKeeper if you decide to order too!!  Remember that you can get 10% off your order by using the discount code MyCouponExpert at checkout when you order from here.





CLICK READ MORE (below) to check out Melissa and Ellie’s reviews also!!!

Testimonial / Review from Melissa and Ellie:

“The box was so easy to put together. It came with everything that I needed to get started and I also liked the fact it came with your business card with contact and website information in case I had any problems. I liked how the labels were already printed and ready to apply. I only wish they would have been in alphabetical order to make it easier to find when applying them to the divider cards. I Also liked the fact that you included the extra blank tabs in case I had a section that was not already printed. This is the easiest to use organizational system I have ever tried. The coupons are always handy and I’m not fumbling to find my insert and flip through ALL the pages to find one coupon. I just open box, flip to my section, and grab the coupon. Cuts my prepping time down by half if not more. Now I don’t mind searching for my coupons.” ~Melissa

“I love the box! I like how easy It is to handle overall, the set up was pretty fast as It comes with everything you need (that way you don’t have to be spending on any additional materials) and simple to understand as It came with some easy instructions on how to do It and also, there’s information available on the web too. It fits perfectly on the front part of the shopping cart so you can have easy access to the coupons and you can take it with you so you don’t miss any unadvertised sale/savings. The labeled tabs are a hit allowing me to identify categories on a more easy way and the tabbed dividers allows me to go through my coupons without having to be flipping pages back and forth. The mini-folders that comes with it are one of my favorites features of the package as I can just put them inside my purse!”  ~Ellie



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