Are you using EBATES?! My BIG FAT CHECK arrived today!!

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This is an AWESOME program for FREE money!
I LOVE getting my Ebates Big Fat Check!!

get a LOT of questions on how Ebates works so I thought I would do a special post about it to help everyone understand.  Once you start using it and get your first Big Fat Check you will be hooked!!  If you aren’t using EBATES you are leaving money on the table!

EBATES is an awesome program to participate in during the holidays!
If you haven’t heard of Ebates before and you plan to follow the awesome deals that I will be posting, make sure you sign up RIGHT AWAY!!

Just for signing up you will get a FREE $10.00 Gift Card of your choice after you make your first $25 purchase.    We will be posting deals that will go through ebates so it will be super easy to get that!

When you click over to Ebates, if you are new (not for existing members), this box will pop up asking you which card you want, make SURE you select one now since that is the only chance you will get!  It will come in the mail!

ebates ten bucks

What is EBATES?

Ebates is a website that helps you earn up to 25% (but usually more like 6-10%) cash back when you shop from any of their participating online retailers. All you have to do is sign up with EBATES for an account, then begin your shopping session from their site.


So let’s say I decide I’m going to order something from JC Penney, I know that JC Penney is one of the companies that partners with Ebates (pretty much every retailer is) and I know that I’ll get a whopping 10% in cash back if I shop there through Ebates.  This is how I would do it:

1) Go to
2) Sift through their drop-down menu of stores or search for the store I want
3) Click on the JC Penney link from there, a pop up will show that you are logged in thru Ebates

Clicking on JC Penney from Ebates simply opens a new window in which the JC Penney site loads, and when I place my JC Penney order from it as usual, my order is assigned an Ebates tracking ticket and my account gets credited for the appropriate amount of cash back. 

If I spend 20 bucks on my order, I get 2 bucks back!  Okay so it’s not a HUGE amount of  money, but in my opinion it’s a really small effort on my part to occasionally get FREE MONEY when I am shopping online!  You will be SHOCKED at how fast it builds up!

During the holidays this can really add up! For me its a no brainer!

CLICK HERE to sign up, its FREE!