Frugal Fun: DIY Mother’s Day Washi Tape Frame

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Treat mom to a lovely new picture frame this Mother’s Day while still keeping some cash in your pocket. With all of the money you save making this gorgeous craft, you can afford to treat her to dinner too! Take a look at how washi tape turns this ordinary frame into something spectacular. It is easier than you may think!

Washi Tape Frame

Supplies needed:
Wooden frame
Roll of washi tape

That’s it! You can find both of these items at your local craft or Walmart store. Frames such as this one are just $1, and rolls of washi tape run around $3.


1. To begin, make sure your frame is nice and clean so the tape adheres nicely.
2. Rip off a piece of tape. It should measure the length of one of the sides of the frame. Fold the piece of tape over the frame, bending any additional tape over the edges for a clean look.
3. Repeat the process 3 more times, tearing off tape and folding it over the remaining sides.
4. For a clean look, run your finger over the edges to make sure any extra tape is nice and flat over the sides.
5. Insert the peg that comes with the frame. It is now ready to be used!


Now all you need to do is find the perfect picture to insert and you are all set! For just a few bucks you can make a colorful and whimsical frame such as the one you see here. Mom is sure to love it.

So dig out your washi tape (you know you have tons!) and give this craft a try. When you are done, come share your results on the Facebook page or Community Chat page. We love to see how crafty you are!

Happy crafting!