Gift Ideas for your pets!! Check these out!

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Christmas is right around the corner!  Have you thought about gifts for your fur babies yet?

We all love our pets and most of us like to give them a little something special during the holidays.  If you are like me, I prefer to stick with the most “natural” types of food and treats when possible.  My by Rosco is strictly grain free due to skin allergies so I try hard not to give him anything that he might have a reaction to.

The fine folks over at BarkWorthies sent over a couple of things that they thought Rosco might enjoy and I can hardly wait to give them to him on Christmas morning!




Barkworthies treats and chews are completely digestible and contain absolutely no preservatives, chemicals, or additives. They only use the best ingredients and most of the products contain only a single ingredient.  They are made with real meat plus fruits and vegetables! The grain and gluten free treats are also high in protein to support muscle growth and development.

I can tell you right now that Rosco is going to FREAK OUT over the Barkworthies Antler that they sent!  He loves a good chewy but he can’t be trusted with a raw hide or other type of chew because he will break off big chunks and swallow them.  Real antlers are odorless, they have a super hard surface so they last but they also have soft marrow on the inside that provides extra nutrients, there are no chemicals or preservatives added so they make a GREAT chewy!!

Don’t forget about the kitties!  They love presents too!

During the holidays we all like to look our best, including our cat and dog.  This year, the ideal pet gift is the revolutionary Eazee by Foolee grooming tool.  Offered in a variety of colors, the Eazee Click & Brush deshedder features a patented plastic comb with smooth, rounded, teeth specially designed to remove only 100% dead, loose hair.

But the best part? Perhaps for the first time ever your pet will actually enjoy being groomed.  Eazee makes it so darn easy for Fido and Felix to look their best all year round!

The Eazee tool is sleek in design and gentle in delivery.  Priced from $24.99 for either cat or dog with accessories starting at $9.99 including massaging tools. Eazee makes a perfect stocking stuffer, gift by the tree or under the Menorah, and of course hostess gift for that holiday party.

Your kitties will LOVE these treats!

Caru’s Natural Treats for Cats are made with real poultry or fish as the first ingredient. Each bite-sized snack is packed with high quality protein and does not contain any wheat, gluten, corn or soy ingredients. Plus, these tasty morsels, which are made in the United States, are carefully prepared in small batches and naturally preserved.

If you like to stick with more of a “raw diet” for your cats or want to surprise them with something special you need to check out Bravo Pet Food products!  I was so impressed with their story.  They have created a range of healthy, 100% poultry and seafood treats that are custom formulated to meet the nutritional needs of cats. They’re sure to entice even the most purrsnickety feline.

The parent company to Bravo has been providing high quality meats to fine dining establishments across New England since 1942.  In 2002 they launched a raw pet food line and have been adding quality products ever since!  There is emerging evidence that dogs and cats are healthier when fed a raw, natural diet, because that’s what their ancestors craved and thrived on, check it all out on their site, it is full of great information!


What are you putting in your pets stocking?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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