IMPORTANT info on the Winn Dixie $5 off $40 Survey Coupon!

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YIKES!!  DON’T PANIC!  Winn Dixie Survey Coupons just went DIGITAL!

I know that many of us use our Winn Dixie Survey coupons at Publix (as competitor coupons) so this is NOT great news, but just as with any other coupon in the past something else WILL pop up so don’t panic just yet about this.

Jamie Schaper mentioned this morning in our Facebook Chat Group that this morning she noticed that when entering her receipt information it prompted her to add the $5/$40 coupon to her plenti card.   I tried immediately after and was able to print one good through March 18th, however when refreshing my browser it showed the above picture that it would be added to my plenti account.


Before anyone starts to panic, remember that we used to get these coupons in a booklet that was sold (amazing prices on those books).  When that ended we would get random money off coupons in other ways and then the survey coupons popped up.  Although this is a bit frustrating, I can assure you that something else amazing WILL pop up, it always does!


We all have got really comfortable with using the Winn Dixie coupons at Publix.  Now is a great time to find out what other stores they accept as competitors so that we can keep an eye out for those coupons too.  I know that Save A Lot, Fresh Market and Whole Foods all put out $$ off coupons and many Publix stores accept those as competitors.  Please keep me posted if you happen to see others pop up and I will also keep everyone in the loop when I find them.  I will definitely be on the look out!

If you have the current coupon that is valid through March 18th (or other date) you can use them until then.  I will keep an eye out for other competitor coupons that Publix accepts and will be posting about them on our facebook fan page and chat group.

Keep Calm and Happy Couponing!

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