Last chance Walmart BOGO ad match deals before it ends!!!

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Walmart BOGO Ad Matching in Florida is CHANGING!


By now, most of us has heard that beginning October 1st (or 6th depending on your store) BOGO ad matching in Florida will fall in line with the National Ad Match Policy.  What this means for those of us in Florida is that they will NO LONGER ad match at the lower Walmart price.   They will ad match BOGO deals at the “up to price” listed in the competitors ad.

In my opinion this STINKS because I now have no reason to ad match at Walmart.  I would much rather go to Publix or Winn Dixie where I can get the BOGO deals, stack a store (or competitor) coupon and a manufacturers coupon on each item PLUS use a $5 off coupon if I have one.

With the recent changes to the Publix Coupon Policy where they will be limiting the number of deals that you can do to allow more people the opportunity to score the deal, I personally will be happily heading back to Publix for the majority of my grocery shopping.

Here are some LAST CHANCE DEALS that I think are worth scoring before this new Walmart policy goes into effect on October 1st:


Winn Dixie Ad Match Deals (must score by Tuesday, 9/30)

These are the BEST DEALS that I think are worth scoring before the ad match deals end.  Personally I will be getting the Natures Own Bread, Doritos, Peanut Butter and Pompiean Olive Oil for sure even without coupons since this stuff is usually really expensive!

~Freebies ~ Cheapies ~ Hot Deals ~

Publix Ad Match Deals (must score by Tuesday, 9/30 or 10/1 if your store isn’t changing on 10/1)

These are the BEST DEALS that I think are worth scoring at Publix before the ad match deals end.


I have posted an internal memo from Walmart on our chat page outlining this information.  It has also been confirmed on the Walmart Facebook Page and signs are popping up in stores.  The date that it goes into effect at your store may vary from October 1st – 6th.

Walmart policy change screen shot

walmart sign

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