Let’s Get Crafty: Easy Spring Bird Banner

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Let’s keep doing our best to get into the mood for SPRING! Today’s easy peasy craft is this super fun and frugal spring bird banner. Try saying that ten times fast! Your local craft supply store will have everything you need to make your own spring bird banner, the perfect accent to spruce up your space. If you love this look, take a peek below at how you can get busy crafting your own. They are so easy, and so cute!

Easy Spring Bird Banner

Supplies needed:
Scrapbook paper
Felt bird stickers
Yarn or ribbon
Craft glue

We found everything we needed at our local craft store. Michael’s Craft store had the felt birds we used here. They also have other felt shapes to choose from so pick a set that appeals to you! You will also find quite a variety of scrapbook paper, so pick bright and cheery colors that make you feel like spring is here.

1. Begin by cutting out 5-7 triangles from your paper. Freehand these and don’t worry about them being perfect.
2. Peel and stick your felt birds (or animal of your choice) directly onto the paper. Press until secure.
3. Add a little glue to the back of the triangle. Press it to the yarn or ribbon.

Once your banner is dry, feel free to add any other embellishments you may like. Glitter, stickers, and ribbon can all be fun touches. Don’t limit yourself and just have fun and be creative.


You can now display your beautiful bird banner wherever you choose. How sweet would this look in a child’s room or even your office? Anywhere you put it, it is sure to add some fun color and charm. So gather your supplies and give this easy spring themed craft a try. It is a great way to get into the season! When you are done, share your creation on the Facebook page or Community Chat page.

Happy crafting!