LIST OF 269 WALMART STORES CLOSING to the public! Is your store on the list?

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HOLY COW!  Walmart is closing 269 stores globally!

walmart in the villages

Most of you have already heard by now that Walmart will be closing 269 stores globally including 154 stores in the US.  There will be thousands of people that will lose their jobs unfortunately which is terribly sad.   It seems that the largest number of stores that are closing are the 102 Walmart Express stores which was a pilot program since 2011 and their smallest stores.  Twenty three Walmart Neighborhood Market stores and twelve Super Centers were included in the list.

I know that most of you were just as shocked as I was when you heard this news.  For the most part it does appear that the store closings are those that were either low producers are part of the pilot stores that never really took off.   I was curious to see if any of my local stores were going to be closing and I am sure you are wondering too.

Here is a list of stores closing:

walmart 1

Walmart 2

Walmart 3

Walmart 4

Walmart 5

Walmart 6

Walmart 7

Walmart 8

Walmart 9

Walmart 10

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