Monday Inspiration: 10 Minutes to an Amazing Day

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Did you know that the first few minutes after you wake up can dictate the rest of your day?  It is important to start the day off right by using those first few minutes after you open your eyes as positive, energizing time.  If you aren’t sure how, you have come to the right place.  Today, let’s talk about taking 10 minutes to an amazing day.  By taking these steps those first ten minutes of your day, you will find that the rest of your day is more positive, upbeat, and productive. Let’s get started.

10 Minutes to an Amazing Day

1. Give thanks.
Before you even get out of bed, give thanks for a new day.  You can say a prayer, write down a quick note of thanks in a journal, or just appreciate yourself for a moment.  By being awake, alive, and being able to get out of bed, you are already ahead of the game.  Acknowledge it and give thanks for 1-2 minutes.

2. Stretch.
Don’t just fly out of bed.  Take a moment to stretch your limbs. Roll your neck, stretch your legs and arms, and arch your back.  Warm your body up this way, make it come alive, and send it the message that it is time to get moving. 2-3 minutes is adequate.

3. Drink some water.
We seem to forget how much our body needs water.  Start the day with a glass or water, cold or warm, to nourish your body and rev up your metabolism.  Doing this daily can help you achieve better health and get your body functioning better, 1-2 minutes is all this takes.

4. Make your goals.
Don’t spend those precious morning minutes playing on your phone or texting.  Instead, use them to evaluate your day. Jot down a brief plan for the day and at least three tasks you wish to accomplish.  This will help you feel motivated and organized, all in under a 2-3 minutes.

Your ten minutes is now up, and in that time you have given thanks, woke your body up, nourished it, and organized a few tasks for the day.  You are now ready to roll! See how easy that was? And, it hardly took any time!

When you wake up tomorrow, forget playing around on your phone or staring at the television.  Instead, give these steps a try and experience the best morning you could imagine.  You are only ten minutes away from it!

Be inspired today, friends!