Monday Inspiration: 5 Things You Must Do This Holiday Season

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The holiday season is wrapping up, and you are most likely double checking your to do list as we speak. You may have read this title and thought, “Oh great, MORE things that I need to do!” Well don’t worry, this list doesn’t include wrapping gifts, hanging lights, or spending one more penny. Instead, read the Monday Inspiration version of 5 Things You Must Do This Holiday season. You will find that once you give these 5 tasks a try, your holiday season may just in fact be complete.

1. Say I am sorry.
Who have you wronged this year? Even the most perfect of people are sometimes found in fault. If you have wronged anyone and owe them an apology, now is the time. Seek the person out via in person, a letter, or even social media if that is the best way for you. You don’t have to give excuses or reasoning, just say it has weighed on your heart to apologize. Then, do it. You will be amazed at the burden this action will list.

2. Forgive someone who has hurt you.
Whether the person comes to you for forgiveness or not, there is something quite cleansing and powerful about giving your forgiveness to someone else. Grant forgiveness for someone and their faults and see how it makes you feel. After all, if you can ask for forgiveness, you can give it.

3. Love.
Take a few days this holiday season to love, and really love someone. Tell someone you love them, show them through kind actions, and be present in their lives. Really think about what love means to you, and then do all you can to put it in action. And by all means, love those who seem to deserve it the least.

4. Laugh.
Crabby shoppers, a lack of parking, cold weather, and empty bank accounts can make quite stern during the holiday season. Don’t forget to take time for laughs. Laugh out loud, tell a joke, watch a funny movie, and let your family and friends see you SMILE! You will be amazed at the effect this has on those around you.

5. Dream.
While you are at it, don’t forget to dream. Dream about big plans in the new year, dream about the money you want to save, dream about the changes you want to make. Day dreaming can actually be quite productive, so dream away.

There you have it, the Monday Inspiration edition of 5 things you must do this holiday season! Which ones are you excited to try? Tell us on the Facebook page or Community Chat page.

Be inspired today, friends!