Monday Inspiration: 5 Tips for Keeping Coupons Organized

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We have all been there. That moment when you seem to be up to your ears in coupons not knowing which are still good and which aren’t. Keeping your coupons organized can be a task, but I have a few suggestions on how to keep things on track!  When you give these coupon organizing tips a try, you will find that keeping your coupons and sanity in place is much easier than you imagined!

5 Tips for Keeping Coupons Organized

1. Choose your method of storage.
A binder, a storage box, or a divided coupon wallet all seem to work well. Do what works for you and your own preferences. The storage item you chose will depend on the amount of couponing you do. No storage method is cut in stone, just use what works for you.  I switch it up every year or so based on the volume of couponing that I am doing.

I wrote an earlier article storage options for your coupons that you will find very helpful.  You can check that out by clicking here.

2. Spend 10 minutes a day organizing.
Set aside ten minutes to go through coupons each day and discard the ones that are expired.  By spending just ten minutes a day, you can be sure you don’t get overwhelmed later.  I know it doesn’t sound like much time, but it really works!

3. Only snip what you will use.
Don’t cut out every coupon you see. You will only get overwhelmed. Instead, stick to the items you know you regularly buy and use. This way, the coupons will be regularly rotated in the process.   Check out the filing method here.

4. Keep your MUST HAVE coupons on you at all times.
If you have a particular item that you KNOW you will buy if you find a hot deal (for me that is Bailey’s Creamer), keep these coupons on you at all times!   This can be either in your purse by using a small organizer, in a binder or in your car. This way when you come across a great sale, you have the coupons on you and can strike while the iron is hot!

5. Make it fun.
Decorate your binder or storage item, use colorful labels, include inspirations on the inside, etc. By making the process fun, you will find it to be enjoyable and more productive!

Give these 5 tips for keeping your coupons organized a try. You will find them easy to follow and great for keeping yourself inspired to keep couponing!

Make sure you check out my post on the different ways to organize your coupons.  We have photos from some of our readers as well as descriptions on how to get started!  You can check that out by clicking HERE.

Happy Monday, friends!

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