Monday Inspiration: 5 Ways to Avoid Toxic Stress

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We all encounter a certain level of toxic stress in our life. Toxic stress if different than your day to day stress, it is the kind that makes either physically ill or cause you to respond or act in a way not typical of yourself. We all know when we have encountered toxic stress, as we feel physically weak and maybe even ill, or we find ourselves acting out in a way where we feel as though we have no control. So how can we avoid this toxic stress? After all, it can be the cause of so many aches and pains you are experiencing, as well as mental anguish and anxiety. Take a look below at 5 ways to avoid toxic stress on a daily basis so you can enjoy a peaceful and healthier life.

1. Avoid toxic people.
This is the first tip because it is the most important. Toxic people are all around us. You know the ones…they complain about everything. Every situation becomes a dramatic one. They are always upset about something, needing something, or angry about someone who did them wrong. These types of people are toxic, and their stresses can have a serious effect on you. While you may want to be a friend and give a listening ear, avoid it. This negative influence and energy can transfer to you and affect you more than you know. Cut these people from your life and instead fill your space with positive friendships.

2. Be conscious about your social media usage.
Social media is full of negative images and stories. It can be easy to get sucked into them while browsing your Facebook or Twitter feed. Try to avoid these stories and images. Block or unlike friends and pages who consistently post negative news stories and images. This can help you spend less time and stress dwelling on such things and leave room for more positive things instead.

3. Have a quiet place to retreat to.
Everyone needs a quiet place they can enjoy when things seem stressful. This can be your car, a quiet office, or even your bathroom. Have a place that you know you can go to and get a few minutes of quiet. When you feel stress taking over your body and mind, retreat to your quiet place to refocus and breathe.

4. Use visualization.
When you find yourself encountering toxic stress (at a grocery store, the bank, even in your own home) find some alone time where you can visualize a positive and more healthy situation. Think about a favorite beach, imagine yourself running on a wide open road, or even think about a happy time you have enjoyed with your family. Your body will respond to the visual cues and relax.

5. Try the Golden Rule.
You know the rule about if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all? Avoid toxic stress by sticking to this rule. Think about how you feel when you talk about or put down others. Your body will literally tense up and your heart beat quickens. Instead, try talking positively about others and see how it feels.

Avoiding toxic stress doesn’t need to be hard work. Give these tips a try and see how you can enjoy a stress free life that is more peaceful and healthy.

Be inspired today, friends!

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