Monday Inspiration: How to Declutter Your Mind

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Now that the New Year is here, you might be working like Cinderella to get your home and office more organized. While living in an organized space can help you be more productive, so can living with a more organized mind. Just like our closets tend to get cluttered, often times our minds to do. It is important to take time and “clean them out” so to speak, so you can think more clearly and make room for more positive thoughts. Not sure how? Let’s take a look at some ideas to get you started! This Monday, we are examining how to declutter your mind for a healthier and happier new year! Won’t you join me?

How to Declutter Your Mind:

1. Invest in a journal.
Now normally I would say head to the dollar store and grab a notebook to jot your thoughts in. But this year, invest in something that you will use and adore. Find a pretty journal, something durable, something that reflects you and speaks to you. When you do, you will find it a more appealing place to resort to each day to jot your thoughts.

2. Make a list before bed.
Keep your journal or a notebook next to your bed to jot nightly notes down in. Jot down the top 10 tasks you are concerned about for the next day. By putting these tasks on paper where you can see them, you are less likely to spend the entire night going over them in your head. Put them on paper instead, then close your eyes and head off to dream land.

3. Choose a negative banishing thought.
Let me explain this one. When a negative thought creeps into your brain, don’t allow it to take up space. Instead, think of a negative banishing thought. For example, there is a field by my house that grows the most amazing flowers each spring. When a negative thought creeps in, I push it out with thoughts of that field. I can see it, smell it, and I feel refreshed. It does a wonderful job pushing bad thoughts out.

4. Practice daily clean out sessions.
Sit in silence for 2-3 minutes a day and picture all of the negative thoughts and worries “floating” away. I also like to take a relaxing shower and envision the negativity washing down my back and down the drain. Buh bye! Such clean out sessions can be quite therapeutic!

Let this be the year that your mind becomes clean and clutter free. Give these tips for decluttering your brain a try and see how free you feel.

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Happy Monday my friends!