Monday Inspiration: How to Give More Through Couponing

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Many people look at couponers like hoarders. After all, that is what they often times see on television. Couponers are shown flaunting endless stockpiles of goods, and to the average viewer it may look wasteful. But a good couponer knows how to use all of that excess to best help others. Have you ever wondered about how to give more through couponing? Even when times are tight, you will find that you can still be of service to others and help those with less, all thanks to your awesome couponing skills! Take a look below at some helpful ideas to inspire you.

How to give more through couponing:

1. Celebrate the gift of life.
Donate stockpiled wipes and diapers to local pregnancy support groups. You can also donate medicines, bath products, and other baby items often scored for just pennies with coupons. Many shelters and support groups that help new mothers rely on donations, so anything you can help provide will be welcomes with open arms.

2. Feed the hungry.
Volunteer to cook a meal at a local homeless shelter using your stockpiled items. This is a great way to use canned veggies, pastas, and sauce. You can also donate items to your local food bank or church pantry. It is a wonderful thing to be able to feed those who are hungry!

3. Make shelter gift bags.
Gather your samples and trial size items you scored free with coupons and make to-go bags for shelters. These are wonderful for them to pass out to the needy, as they can take them with them and are portable. You can also include a candy bar or snack that you scored for free or cheap as well.

4. Donate to fundraising auctions.
If someone in your area is holding a fundraiser, donate a basket of items from your stockpile. You can always go with a theme such as beauty (make up, shampoo, lotion) or baby (wipes, diapers, bath items.) You can even do a food theme or simply create a basket of great snacks. Add a bow and you are ready to donate.

5. Help a friend.
If you have a friend who is ill, cook her a meal using your stockpile items. If your friend is living paycheck to paycheck, gift her a few few items or baby items. Just gifting an item or two to a person in need can help them get ahead.

Don’t forget, teaching others to save money is a way to keep the gift going. This way, the person in need can learn to help themselves in the process. If you can, teach a free class at your local church or shelter so others can learn how to live for less too.

You can give more through couponing, and today is a great day to start! How will you give to others through couponing? Share with us on the Facebook page or Community Chat page!

Be inspired friends!