Monday Inspiration: Tips for Keeping Your Couponing Cool

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We have all been there. That moment where you hand the cashier your coupons and you run into a problem. Perhaps a few won’t scan. Perhaps the cashier won’t honor them. Perhaps the plot thickens and you are accused of using a counterfeit coupon. Whatever the case may be, we have all experienced some trying couponing moments. So today, let’s talk about tips for keeping your couponing cool. Let’s discuss what we can do in these moments to make sure we stay cool, calm, and true to ourselves and our values when these moments occur. Take a look!

Tips for Keeping Your Couponing Cool

1. Plan ahead.
Double check your coupons before you go shopping. Make sure none are expired, bent, heavily crinkled, etc. If any are questionable as far as authenticity, don’t test them. Trash them. It simply isn’t worth trying to save a buck if they could be a counterfeit. Have your coupons organized and ready before you shop and you will already be ahead of the game.

2. Take the coupon policy with you.
Carry a copy of the coupon policy for that particular store with you. That way if there are any issues, you have it on you and there is no need to call for a manager. It will make for easy, honest reference.

3. Know when to call a manager.
Should  a cashier be accusatory to you, or not follow the coupon policy, then it is time to call a manager. You are entitled to use coupons as long as you are using them in the way they were intended. If you are following policy and the cashier is not honoring them, kindly ask that a manager be called for assistance.

4. Know when to walk away.
If the manager is still not honoring the coupon, know when to walk away. Don’t allow the situation to elevate along with your blood pressure. Thank them for their time, remember the store location and manager name if possible, and return home. Be sure to take your coupons with you. It is better to email corporate or vent to your friends on the chat page when deals go wrong. There is no sense in making a scene at the store. Doing so will only cause the store to hassle you over coupons in the future. Instead, thank them for their time and be known as a friendly, honest couponer.

5. Remember what matters.
At the end of the day, don’t let couponing define you. Remember that saving money is fun and in many cases essential, but your character shouldn’t be compromised. If a coupon doesn’t scan or the store won’t accept it, find an acceptable solution or count it as a deal that you just won’t be snagging. Saving money doesn’t matter if you are compromising your health, attitude, and morals in order to do so.

Don’t let couponing make you lose your cool. Follow these tips for keeping your couponing cool and don’t let issues at the register get you down again!

Happy Monday, Friends!