Mother’s Day Fun: Paint Chip Flower Bouquet

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Today we are going to make something special for Mom, and we are going to do it for next to nothing because that is just how we roll! Take a look below at how you can make your own paint chip flower bouquet in just minutes and for next to nothing. This bouquet is perfect for those on a budget or if you mom just likes the unique and quirky! Here is how to get started:

Supplies needed:
Assorted paint chips
Pipe cleaners

Grab paint samples at your local craft or hardware store (don’t be greedy, just 2-3 will do!).

1. Begin by cutting ovals out of your paint chips. These don’t have to all be uniform. Just free hand them.
2. Once your ovals are cut out, apply some glue to the tips and begin gluing them together. You are going to put about 5 of them together to create single bloom.
3. Once the bloom is dry, add some glue to the back. Press one of your pipe cleaners (green looks great!) to the back until adhered.


Your paint chip flowers are now ready to be displayed. Toss them into a bud vase like we did and watch them light up the room. They are so sweet, cute, simple, and above all, inexpensive. Just how we like it!

Gather your supplies and give this craft a try, then head to the Facebook page or Community Chat page to SHARE with us your artistic skills. You know you wanna brag!


Happy crafting my friends!