NEW Winn Dixie Coupon Policy as of September 21, 2014!!

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Breaking news!  A NEW Winn Dixie Coupon Policy has been released!

This is actually pretty exciting to me because Winn Dixie has FINALLY released a coupon policy that addresses the acceptance of Competitor Coupons.   Many of us were lucky to be in areas that accepted Competitor Coupons but others were not.

**AS ALWAYS WITH WINN DIXIE, the policy and what they will allow will vary by store.  It is best to go into your local Winn Dixie to find out if they are accepting competitor coupons and get a copy of their particular guidelines.  The below guidelines were posted in my local store and others have reported the same.   There are stores that do not have these guidelines posted so you need to do your homework and find out what your store is doing. 

This was posted in my LOCAL STORE and many others throughout Florida have the same posted in their store:


  • Store Management has the right to accept, decline, or limit the quantity of coupons and/or items purchased in a single transaction or in a single day, by a single customer.
  • Winn Dixie will accept manufacturer coupons (limit one per item), or Winn Dixie coupons (one per item) or valid internet coupons (one per item) or competitor coupons (one per item with a limit of 10).
  • Only original coupons will be accepted.  Copies or coupons on mobile devices will not be accepted.
  • To ensure product availability for all customers, Winn Dixie limits redemption to (5) five like coupons for the same item in the same day per customer.  For example, if you have six of the same coupon and have purchased six items, we will only accept five of the coupons.
  • A manufacturer coupon and a store coupon can be used on the same item in the same transaction.
  • A manufacturer coupon cannot be used on the same item as an electronic coupon.  An electronic coupon is linked to the Customer Reward Card and deducts automatically at the register when the required purchase is made.
  • Winn Dixie does not accept any type of coupon for “Make a Meal or What a Deal” free items.
  • The total coupon value cannot exceed the price of the item.  No cash back will be given nor will cash back be applied to other purchases.

Competitor’s Coupons

  • Winn Dixie accepts competitors BOGO coupons, one coupon per like item, per day, per customer
  • Winn Dixie accepts competitors store brand coupons one coupon per like item per day per customer
  • Winn Dixie will not match competitor advertised prices.  The advertised offer must include the word “coupon” to be redeemed as competitor coupon.
  • Winn Dixie will redeem competitor coupons for money off an entire transaction, one coupon per customer per day.  Winn Dixie will not redeem competitor coupons for percentages off of order totals.
  • Local competitors are defined as any grocery retailer in the local marketing area who sells like items.  Coupons from club retailers such as SAM’s, Costco and BJ’s will not be honored


See your local Winn Dixie store for more details.

Effective September 21, 2014

The Winn Dixie Coupon Policy posted on their website still does not address competitor coupons.  You will need to see your local store for their particular policy and to see what they have posted.  CLICK HERE for their line policy.

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At this point, I would stop in at your local store and ask for a copy of the new policy just to make sure that all stores are the same.  This has been released in many markets so the good news is that it looks like ALL STORES will be accepting Competitor Coupons but we just don’t know.   Also, Winn Dixie isn’t always known for being consistent in all stores, so it is important that you do your research at your local store to confirm what they are doing at this point. 

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