**CLOSED FOR ENTRIES** Oh my gosh!! Look what I got!!! You can WIN ONE too!

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Look what I got, TWO COLOR BURST BOUQUETS from Riverdale Farms!!

Don’t be jealous, you might WIN ONE too!!!


I must say, there is nothing that perks up my mood when I walk in the door more than seeing a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of fresh flowers.  I just love it!  I was so excited when I came home last night to find that Riverdale Farms delivered TWO gorgeous bouquets for me to check out.  My house smells AMAZING!

PUBLIX will be selling these EXACT bouquets starting today and I can tell you, if someone brought me one of these during the holidays or anytime during the year, they would be #1 on my family / friends list for the next year!  If you want to impress the wifey or mother in law, this is the bouquet to get her! 

The bouquet is called Color Burst for obvious reasons, the assortment of different colored flowers is fantastic! The flowers are absolutely gorgeous!

It has long lasting Carnations and Alstroemeria Blooms that continue to grow as they hydrate.   When it first arrived I thought it was gorgeous, but as the hours passed it just got prettier and prettier!

This is pretty cool too, Riverdale Farms is “Rainforest Certified” which means that they follow earth friendly farming techniques and treat their farm workers well.  As a matter of fact, my bouquet arrived in a shipping box that was made out of the pulp from carnation clippings!  WHAT?!  That is awesome!


So here is the deal, Riverdale Farms would like to give FOUR LUCKY WINNERS a FREE Color Burst Bouquet!  The bouquet will be delivered right to your door so you will have to live in the contiguous United States and follow the below steps to enter. 

You will have the opportunity to have FOUR entries (maximum) into this giveaway:

Here’s how you can enter to win a Color Burst Bouquet:


1 – ”Like” Riverdale Farms on Facebook here*Come back and leave a comment after doing this*

2 – Leave a comment on the Riverdale Farms Facebook Page mentioning MyCouponExpert and telling them what you like about this bouquet or any of their other products on their facebook page.  *Come back and leave another comment after doing this*

3 – Sign up for the MyCouponExpert daily email. *You will be immediately sent a confirmation email to confirm you wish to receive our newsletter, go right to it and accept. You must confirm this to have your entry count*Come back and leave another comment after doing this*

4 – ”Share” this post on facebook with your friends by clicking on “Share” in the bottom right corner of this post on our facebook page here. (Optional) *Come back and leave another comment after doing this*


Every time you leave a comment for the tasks above, that will act as 1 entry so you can get up to 4 entries!!  You have until Monday, December 10th to enter this giveaway. 

Entries will be accepted until 10:00pm EST and the winners will be selected by random.org sometime on 12/11 and announced on our website.  

Make sure you stop it at your local PUBLIX Floral Department and check out these beautiful bouquets while you are shopping.  You might want to go ahead and pick one up for that special someone while you are there!  Warning though, it will make you want to WIN ONE even more!!    Good luck!!


*This giveaway is not associated with Facebook in any way.  A maximum of FOUR entries per person, commenting more than four times will disqualify all of your entries.  Winners will have 24 hours to respond to winning email notification, if no response within 24 hours a new winner will be selected.  Entry into this giveaway acknowledges acceptance of these conditions.


I can’t wait to see who wins!  Remember to get your entries in before the deadline, you will LOVE these flowers!



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