PUBLIX Best Meals Happen At Home 2017! This is GOOOOOD!

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New Best Meals Happen At Home Program!

This is great news!!  Many of you were concerned when you heard that the Publix Best Meals Happen at Home coupons that came via email would be discontinued at the end of 2016.   Publix promised to give us something equally exciting and they sure have!  Instead of having to print the coupons (that everyone had trouble printing) you will be able to earn a $10 PUBLIX GIFT CARD for every $50 in participating products that you purchase!  Each household can earn up to FOUR $10.00 gift cards from January 17, 2017 to May 15, 2017!!

It will be super easy to submit your receipts and earn your gift cards once the program launches on 1/17/17!

Details of the promotion:

**NOTE: You can not sign up until this promotion goes live on JANUARY 17, 2017*
SIGN UP HERE ON 1/17/17 (link will not work until it goes live)

  • Promotion runs 1/17/17–5/15/17.
    These dates are subject to change with written notification via email.
  • You need to create an account to upload Publix receipts for validation, to track your purchases to reach the $50 threshold to qualify for the program offer, and to choose to “cash out” for your reward(s).
  • Qualifying purchases can be made in multiple transactions. Multiple, unique receipts can be uploaded to your account for tracking.
  • Publix Gift Cards will be sent by mail to qualifying shoppers when you click the “cash out” card icon from inside your program account. Card(s) will not be automatically sent when the threshold is met. Cards will arrive in 4-6 weeks after requested.

Betty Crocker™ Suddenly Grain Salad™, 6.7 oz.
Betty Crocker™ Suddenly Pasta Salad™, 5.5–8.3 oz.
Campbell’s® Condensed Soups, 10.5–10.75 oz.
Campbell’s® Slow Kettle® Style Soups, 15 oz.
Country Crock® Spreads, 7.5–45 oz.
Egg Beaters®, 15–16 oz., 32 oz.
Hellmann’s® Mayonnaise, 11.5–48 oz.
Hunt’s® Pasta Sauce, 24 oz.
Hunt’s® Tomato Sauce, 15–29 oz.
Hunt’s® Tomatoes, 14.5–28 oz.
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!®, 7.5–45 oz.
Knorr® Rice Sides, assorted varieties
Knorr® Pasta Sides, assorted varieties
Lipton® Recipe Secrets®, 1.7-4.9 oz.
Lipton® Tea, 20–100 ct., 10–28 qt. (excludes Ready to Drink)
Manwich®, 15–16 oz.
Pace® Salsa or Picante Sauce, 16 oz.
PAM® Cooking Spray, 5–6 oz. (excludes Organic and Coconut)
Peter Pan® Peanut Butter, 28 oz.
Pillsbury Ready to Bake!™ Chocolate Chip Cookies, 12-24 ct.
Pillsbury Ready to Bake! Sugar Cookies, 24 ct.
Pillsbury Ready to Bake!™ Reese’s Mini Pieces Peanut Butter Cookies, 12 ct.
Pillsbury® Peanut Butter Cookies, 16.5 oz.
Pillsbury® Sugar Cookies, 16.5 oz.
Pillsbury® Chocolate Chip Cookies, 16.5 oz.
Prego® Pasta Sauce, 14.5–24 oz.
Progresso™ Broth, 32 oz.
Pure Leaf® Tea, 4.7-5.8 oz., 16 ct.
Reddi-Wip® Real Cream, 6.5 oz., 13 oz.
Ro-Tel® Tomatoes, 10 oz.
Swanson® Broth and Stock, 32 oz.
V8® Splash and V8 + Energy 6 packs, 8-12 oz.
Campbell’s® Well Yes™ Soups, 16.15-16.58 oz.

For more information including the “frequently asked questions” you can visit their website by clicking HERE!


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