Rainy Day Fun: DIY Paper Plate Umbrella for Kids

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What do you do when you are faced with bored kids and a rainy day? You make paper plate umbrellas, of course! How cute and simple are these? With a few supplies, you can craft your own paper plate umbrella. Kids will love whipping up their own complete with yarn rain drops and tons of bright colors. Take a peek below at how to craft your own.

Supplies needed:
Wood craft sticks
Paper plates
Assorted color tissue paper
Blue or white yarn
Craft glue

You should be able to find all of these supplies at your local craft or dollar store. Or, check your scrap bins as you may already have a great deal of these items on hand!

1. Begin by folding your paper plate in half and cutting it. You should be able to make two umbrellas from each paper plate.
2. Tear up pieces of tissue paper into small pieces or cut them into squares.
3. Glue the tissue paper scraps onto the paper plate. Feel free to layer them for lots of color and interest.
4. Cut small lengths of yarn for raindrops. Glue it to the bottom/back of the plate. You can use blue or white yarn to look like water.
5. Attach the wood craft stick with glue. Press until it is adhered. This will create the handle of your umbrella.


Does it get any cuter than that? While you are at it, why not enjoy some rainy day poems with your child as well? They will love crafting these rainy day umbrellas and making it their own. So gather your supplies and give this easy and cheap DIY project a try!

When you are done, be sure to share your finished product with us on the Facebook page or Community Chat Page. We love to see how creative you all are!

Happy crafting, friends! Have a great weekend.