Rosco and Baby Girl got their Bullymake Box! $10 off Code too!

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I know that MANY of us in our facebook chat group have fur babies and have discussed how some of our dogs destroy any toy that they get within minutes.  My boy Rosco (English Bull Terrier) is DEFINITELY a power chewer and to be honest, we can barely find anything that he doesn’t destroy within an hour of us giving it to him.

In my quest for toys for Rosco and my American Bull Terrier Baby Girl (also known as Moozy), I contacted a company called Bullymake Box to inquire about what they had to offer and they agreed to send Rosco a box in exchange for my honest review of their product!   Bullymake Box is a monthly subscription service, they send your pup a box with 5-6 super premium toys and treats every month. The toys are long lasting chew toys. The toys are all heavy duty in nature and will last throughout the month.  They even offer a 14 day guarantee on the toys!  If your dog destroys any toy sent within 14 days of receipt of your shipment, simply take a picture of the toy.  If the toy qualifies as destroyed, they will ship you a new toy FOR FREE!  PRETTY IMPRESSIVE!!

They offer ONE MONTH, THREE MONTH, SIX MONTH or TWELVE MONTH plans for your pup!  If you are like us, we have spent hundreds of dollars on toys and chews for Rosco only to be destroyed within minutes.  With Bullymake, they do the work for you, they search out the BEST QUALITY TOYS and CHEWS for heavy chewers and send it directly to your door each month!  If your fur baby has specific nutritional needs (Rosco is grain free) they can accommodate that too!

I think this would make a GREAT Christmas present for our fur babies too!  I plan to have a monthly Bullymake Box delivered to Rosco and Baby Girl each month!

Rosco LOVED his Bullymake Box!

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