Spring Family Fun: Cupcake Cup Flowers Craft

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Are you in the mood for spring? This weekend, why not get into the spirit of spring with these cupcake cup flowers? They are so easy to make and this is a craft the whole family will enjoy. You only need a few supplies, and we were able to find everything we needed at our local dollar store. Take a look below at how you can make your own cupcake cup flowers and start getting in the mood for spring! These are so pretty, and just think, you never have to water them!

Cupcake Cup Flowers

Supplies needed:
Assorted paper cupcake cups
Wood craft sticks
Pom poms
Craft glue

Check your crafting supplies before you purchase anything on this list. Chances are you already have a great deal of these supplies on hand if you have done any of the other crafts listed on this site.

1. Begin by folding your cupcake cups inside out. This way the design is facing you and you can see and enjoy it.
2. Apply some glue to the back of the flower. Press a wood craft stick to it until it adheres.
3. Apply some glue to a crafting pom pom. Press the pom pom to the center of the cup.
4. Add some ribbon for leaves and greenery. Tie it on, glue it on, whatever you wish!
5. For extra fun, you can use your scissors to cut designs into your cups as we did.


There you have it! These spring cupcake cup flowers are so easy to make and even easier to enjoy. Give them a try! When you are done, brag a bit! Share your creations with us on the Facebook page or Community Chat page. WE LOVE to see what you are making and so do your friends. Inspire us!

Happy crafting, and have a great weekend!