How I survived my Cabin Adventure with NO HOME INTERNET for a month!

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This post is sponsored by Wilson Electronics / WeBoost.  All comments and opinions are my own.
Last year, my husband and I purchased a small “fixer upper” cabin in Kentucky!  This was a dream that we had worked towards for many many years.  It is a simple little place tucked on a mountainside on the Cumberland River.   It is livable but in need of a full renovation to make it work for our needs in the years to come.  I will be blogging on the experience and sharing all of the fun stories and adventures that we encounter along the way!
One of the most important things on our “must have list” when looking for a place was internet service since we work from home and I am online at least 12 hours per day.  With an extremely limited budget and our desire to have our own piece of heaven in a very rural area, we found that to be a major issue.  After researching every option available, we were told that we would be able to have satellite internet and scheduled the installation for the day after we arrived at our property.  It was going to be pricey but it was our only choice so we bit the bullet, paid the fees and were ready to get it going.
Our drive to Kentucky is 10+ loooooooooong hours from our home in Florida.  We timed our trip between work responsibilities and I gave myself a day or two just to get the installation done and me back online seamlessly. Unfortunately, as soon as the satellite internet guy got to our property and took one look around at the 200 ft trees in every direction and elevation on a mountain side he said there was NO WAY we would get service there.  I could not believe it.  I had called no less than 10 times to confirm that service would definitely be available prior to closing on the property and spoke to the technician before leaving Florida to confirm again.  He got out his gauges and walked around from every angle and no signal was strong enough to do an installation.

Rosco keeping an eye on the satellite guy from his porch swing
I was in a complete state of panic.  Before leaving Florida, my backup plan was to use my cell phone service and “tether” to my laptop if absolutely necessary, but once we arrived I found that my cell service was only strong enough to send or receive VERY SLOW text messages outside (and down the hill a bit) but was not strong enough to make calls or connect to the internet.  For the next few days I would make multiple trips up the hill to the top of the mountain until I found a strong enough signal and would work from my car to get things done.  As you can imagine, this was not an ideal situation and was extremely stressful since as you guys know I am in the facebook chat group and on social media most of the day and night answering questions, getting excited about your haul photos or posting deals. 

WeBoost to the rescue!

I decided to start asking everyone that I came into contact with how they were able to access the internet to see if there were any options that I may have missed.   Most people laughed when I asked about internet in our area or just said good luck with that (how do you live without internet?!).

Fortunately, I ended up getting some AMAZING information from a lady that owns a campground in the area and provides free wifi for her visitors.  She told me about a company called Wilson Electronics and their product line called WeBoost!

Basically, what a WeBoost unit does is connect to a cell tower to access voice and data signals.  It then BOOSTS that signal 32x and sends it to an inside antenna, the INSIDE antenna then broadcasts the signal to all devices in your home.  Sounds amazing right?!  At this point I was DESPERATE so I sat in my car with my laptop connected at her campground and I literally ordered a WeBoost Home 3G unit right then and there with next day delivery.  We had to travel to the nearest UPS station to pick it up due to our location, but it arrived the following day.  It was seriously my ONLY hope and my fingers & toes were crossed while my husband installed it hoping that it would work.


We went from NO PHONE or TEXT ABILITY inside our cabin to FULL Phone, Text and DATA!  I was able to connect to my laptop via my Verizon Mifi hotspot and was able to work just like normal with no issues!  I could not believe it!  Fortunately, I am on the Verizon unlimited data plan so it didn’t cost me anymore on my cell phone bill to work for the entire month!

I was SO EXCITED about it that when we got back home I decided to try out the unit at my house here in Florida and was able to cancel my home internet service which was costing me almost $100 per month!  At my home in Florida, I literally had to pay for internet service monthly THEN had to get what they called a MicroCell unit to boost my cell phone service on my phone just so that my cell phone would work, it was ridiculous.  If the internet went out for any reason I would also lose cell phone service.   Now with the WeBoost installed I ALWAYS have service since it is not dependent upon the internet at all, it is boosting straight from the cell tower!

The WeBoost unit is AWESOME and they have a BUNCH of other products too!

We will be heading back to Kentucky very soon to start our next round of repairs and improvements and I will be doing some live streaming from there and I feel confident that I will have no issues at all!  The customer service at WeBoost is AMAZING as well.  I have spoken with them a few times to see what all of my options are with the wide range of products they offer.  They have products for your car, RV, home, office, etc that will boost your service wherever you are! I seriously feel like this is the future of how we will connect to the internet.   Why should we have to pay for cell phone data AND home internet too right?!


I am super excited that the fine folks over at Wilson Electronics / WeBoost sent me the Whole House Connect 4G-X unit to bring with me on my next trip and to try it out! I am very thankful!  I was using the Home 3G unit and it met my needs so I can only imagine how fast and amazing the Connect 4G-X will be!  I will keep you all posted!!

Once we were able to get our internet situation resolved it allowed us to relax and enjoy the area and explore around a bit when we weren’t working.  We have a BIG JOB ahead of us working on the cabin but would LOVE to share our adventure with those of you that are interested in following along.  I have created a facebook page HERE for this and will be posting all of the things that we learn along the way!

Rosco and Moozy enjoying an afternoon of hiking

Finally able to relax and explore once I had my internet working!
Make sure you check out our new  Simple Cabin Living Facebook page about our new cabin adventure!  We will be blogging on our DIY projects, renovations and all of the calamities we are sure to encounter!



I just had the BEST nights sleep thanks to My Green Mattress!

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My Green Mattress

If you have been following my blog for any period of time, you know about the new adventure that my husband and I have been on to simplify our lives.  We bought a little cabin in Kentucky that we are renovating and blogging on the experience for everyone.  There were a few VERY IMPORTANT things that we had to get under control right away, one was finding a way to get phone and internet service in such a rural area (I blogged on that here) and the other was deciding on comfortable furniture and a new quality mattress.  Since we are simplifying our lives, we are also working hard to use GREEN products (all natural) as much as possible.
This is what brought me to My Green Mattress company.

There were a few factors that came into play when deciding on a new mattress.  The most important is that my husband has pretty significant allergies and is sensitive to the smell of chemicals and I have very fair sensitive skin.  I always use 100% cotton sheets and use gentle detergents for that reason.   After doing some research, I found that “memory foam” toppers and mattresses were actually quite toxic and contain chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene, and naphthalene.  I have tried numerous toppers and my hubby either found that he would wake up with a headache or overall feel stuffy at night.  Now I know why!  This is what made me start researching mattresses made with 100% natural materials.

Lets face it, a mattress purchase is a big one and we don’t do it very often so I wanted to make sure that I did my research for quality and price.   My Green Mattress company  uses 100% natural materials and is tested safe for most sensitive individuals!  They even make BABY CRIB MATTRESSES for those interested in organic / natural products for their babies as well as a line of mattresses, toppers and organic sheets for children!



The story behind My Green Mattress company

My Green Mattress was founded by Tim Masters.  Tim’s daughter, Emily, inspired him to expand his business to include all natural mattresses.  Shortly after Emily was born, they found that she suffered from eczema and allergies. Tim and his wife, Cindy, took Emily to see pediatric dermatologists, but also did their own research and found that all-natural products could help alleviate Emily’s symptoms.   They ended up making a Green Mattress for their daughter and My Green Mattress was born.  She still sleeps on one today as well as their other four children. That spoke volumes to me!


“The Stairway To Heaven”  AKA another reason that I was interested in this mattress

The second most important factor in our case was how the mattress was shipped and the dimensions of it prior to opening the box.  Our cabin is situated on the side of a mountain on the Cumberland River in Kentucky.  That sounds beautiful, however, with that beauty comes the fact that we have to journey up THIRTY SIX STEPS to get to the cabin.  When looking at the beauty of the surroundings, it sounds like it would be a stairway to heaven, but when you are carrying heavy things up and down those steps, it feels the exact opposite.

My Green Mattress is shipped differently than most factory-direct mattresses.  Since it is spring free, it is rolled up and tightly packaged making it much easier for two people to transport.  They also offer FREE shipping!  Due to the shape of the packaging, it is a much easier item to carry up our stairs to the cabin.  You bring the mattress right into the room where you want it, place it on the platform, cut it open and it magically rolls out and springs up into the firm yet soft and comfy AMAZING mattress that it is!  This may not be a big issue to many people, but to us it was a MAJOR contributing factor.  I am pretty sure we could do an entire series of “America’s Funniest Videos” if any footage was available of us moving our larger items into the cabin, lets just say in most cases I don’t want to relive that again, haha.

The mattress came rolled up tight, much easier to handle!



Okay, I’m not going to lie, I was a bit worried about the comfort of this mattress before opening up the package.  With all of the all natural materials and the sheer weight of this thing (it comes rolled up but it is HEAVY, I would say 150 lbs for the King Size) we weren’t sure how it would feel on day one.  However, this was BY FAR the most comfortable mattress from the very first day that we have ever tried.  We got the My Green Mattress – Simple Sleep Latex King Size Medium mattress which is 8″ thick.  This is a SPRING FREE mattress, it has a quilted cotton / wool cover then 2″ of ultra soft Organic Dunlap Latex then another 6″ of firm Organic Dunlap Latex.  It has substance to it but it is comfy and soft to lay on providing great support for side sleepers like me (and hubby) and comfort when laying on your back.

Hubby and I both gave this mattress TWO THUMBS UP for comfort!


The DIFFERENCE in a GREEN Mattress

First, let me point out that this mattress is made with ALL NATURAL MATERIALS.  They use the best quality materials they can find and HAND CRAFT each mattress with the best ORGANIC and all natural materials then send it factory-direct (free shipping) to you.    They quilt natural wool into the organic cotton cover of your mattress, without the use of any chemical flame retardants too!  There is a lot of chatter right now on the dangers of some of the chemicals that are in mattresses and even crib mattresses so this is a very important thing to know.  Even the Latex in the mattress is 100% GOLS Certified Organic all natural Latex made from rubber trees free of petroleum-based ingredients, harsh chemicals or pesticides!  Who knew that was even possible?!

The owner of My Green Mattress began working as an apprentice at family-owned, Quality Sleep Shop, that was established in 1968.  He eventually bought the business, and has expanded it with the addition of the My Green Mattress division.

I think that it is really important that this company has been around since 1968 because not only do they offer a 100 night money back sleep trial, they also offer a 10 year warranty on their mattresses which seems to be VERY hard to find in the nontoxic mattress world.  They clearly take great pride in their products and have amazing customer service and communication with their customers.

Check out this video on how they manufacture the mattresses and the care they take with each and every one of their products:

Overall, I must say that I am THRILLED with my new mattress from and it has exceeded my expectations!  We were hoping to find a good quality mattress for our cabin that we could enjoy for years to come.  Working on renovations and doing a lot of manual work is hard on the body and it sure is nice to be able to snuggle into a nice comfy bed at the end of the day!

Click here to check out all of their AMAZING products!

Make sure you check out our new  Simple Cabin Living Facebook page about our new cabin adventure!  We will be blogging and posting videos on our DIY projects, renovations and all of the calamities we are sure to encounter!