Update on my diet… I just want a waffle!

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Im on a diet

Let’s be honest, losing weight is NOT easy.  There are so many ups and downs that happen on a weight loss journey which is why many people fall off the diet train and go back to their bad habits.  I am on week THREE of my new eating plan and it is REALLY hard for me this week.


As I mentioned in my earlier posts  HERE, HERE and HERE about it, I am on the  Personal Trainer Food ALL INCLUSIVE program that covers all of my meals for a full 28 days.  Basically, they send you a box of delicious chicken, veggies and snacks  that is REAL FOOD (not tv dinners or boxed stuff).  I have eliminated all processed carbs from my diet, no sugar, no flour, no potatoes and no dairy except for cheese.   I will say, it makes it a whole lot easier to stay on track when you have all of the food you are allowed to have including snacks at your fingertips.   Honestly, I am positive that having everything right here is the ONLY reason that I haven’t cheated at this point (although I am on the edge).

The last two weeks were very easy for me and it felt like I was going to skate through the 28 days without any major temptations to sway off track.  I fasted for 24 hours before starting the eating plan and went right into things without having any issues adjusting to proper eating.  Honestly, I do feel like the food is good and satisfying, but I am at the point now of wanting something, at first it was rice, then it was cereal and now I am stuck on wanting a waffle.  It doesn’t help that my husband is a snackaholic who is physically fit and doesn’t have an ounce of extra fat on him.  He is extremely supportive and encouraging and expresses that continuously as he bakes his own cookies, heats up his Aunt Jemima Frozen Waffles and even while baking his own German Chocolate Cake (yes that all happened in the last two days).   Bless his heart.

One thing that I do love about the Personal Trainer Food program is that they send you videos each week letting you know what to expect so that you can prepare.   In the week three video, he specifically talks about this week being difficult but after this week I will experience an “Ah-Ha” moment.   LORD HELP ME MAKE IT TO THE AH-HA MOMENT!  He mentions that although we really like the Personal Trainer Food (true) and that it tastes good (true), we get bored with the meats, eggs and cheese and feel like eating something like pasta, pizza and ice cream (oh my GOD that is true).  I am thankful for this video because it lets me know that I am not alone in these feelings and that it is completely normal.

I do plan to stick it out without cheating for the full 28 days of the program.   I am determined not to cheat no matter how loud that waffle is calling my name.   A few days ago I reported in that I had lost 8.5 lbs in 13 days.   On the Personal Trainer Food program, they do not recommend you weighing in regularly because you will get discouraged with the ups and downs and focus more on the number than creating the routine of eating properly.   I decided that I would commit to NOT weighing in this entire week and will weigh before starting the last week of the program.  At this point my clothes are feeling VERY loose which is a great feeling and I do feel a lot better physically.  Walking is less of a chore each day and I know that eating properly is making a huge difference.   I am going to do my best to hold off on eating anything that wasn’t included with my Personal Trainer Food package as I push through week three anticipating my Ah-Ha moment.

How are you doing on your program?  Are you struggling with week three also?
I would love to hear all about it! 

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