Winn Dixie TOP TEN DEALS for April 4th – 10th!

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Here are the Winn Dixie TOP DEALS for APril 4th – 10th!

These are the coupon matchups for the ad to get you started.  Please let me know if you see any other hot deals while in your store.  Winn Dixie is notorious for in store specials and sometimes we don’t find the deals until the sale starts!!

At Winn Dixie “MOST STORES ALLOW” TWO Mfg coupons ($/1) on a BOGO deal, you can also pair a store coupon with a mfg coupon.  Also, some areas allow COMPETITOR COUPONS!!

Please check with your local store to confirm their policy regarding using two coupons on the BOGO items as well as competitor coupons.  Winn Dixie is NOT consistent like Publix is and it is best to know what your local store policy is before shopping.*


Here is the Winn Dixie Coupon Policy



~Weekend Deals Sat & Sun Only~


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