Spring Family Fun: Yarn Eggs Kid’s Craft

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It is time to start thinking about spring and how with Easter approaching, the sight of pastel eggs will be everywhere. Make your own colorful eggs perfect for displaying in a basket or centerpiece when you give this yarn eggs kid’s craft a try. Made from just a few simple supplies, these yarn eggs are the perfect craft for little hands. They only take minutes to make, and in no time you will have a fun little Easter accent. Take a peek at how to make your own. Your kiddos will love these!

Yarn Eggs Kid’s Craft

Supplies needed:
Plastic Easter eggs
Craft glue

We found all of these supplies in our own crafting scraps but if you need any of them, your local dollar store should have them. It doesn’t matter what color the plastic eggs are as they will be covered, but find yarn that is a hue you enjoy. We used some rainbow yarn for lots and lots of color.

1. Begin by pouring some craft glue in a bowl.
2. Cut a long length of yarn and dip it in the bowl. Cover it with glue.
3. Take your fingers and squeeze off any additional glue.
4. Begin wrapping the yarn around your plastic egg. The glue will help it stick and adhere nicely.
5. Set the egg in a sunny window to dry and harden.

When your egg is dry, it will be nice and hard. These eggs are quite sturdy and durable and are sure to survive little hands. Display them in an Easter basket or on a mantel for some instant Easter charm.


Kids will love getting their hands all sticky with this simple Easter craft. Gather your supplies and give it a try. When you are done, come see us on the Facebook page or Community Chat page and share your creativity. We love to see it!

Happy crafting!


Friday Family Fun: Little Lobster Handprint

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Let’s get ready for the weekend with a fun kiddie craft, shall we? This Little Lobster Handprint Craft is so easy to make, and can even be a fun Father’s Day gift for Dad! Using just craft paint and paper, you can make your own lobster in just minutes. Take a look at how we made our own. The finished product is just too cute for words!

Little Lobster Handprint (and footprint!) Craft

Supplies needed:
Red finger paint
Craft paper

We found everything we needed at our local dollar store. As you can see, creating this craft costs way less than buying a real lobster!

1. Begin by coating your child’s palms and fingers with red craft paint. This tickles so much and they really love it.
2. Press the palms to paper to create the hands of the lobster. Remove and wash.
3. Next, apply the paint to the foot of your child. This will create the body and tail of the lobster. Hopefully, they can stand the tickles this will cause!
4. Press their foot to the paper right in between the two hand prints. Make sure the toes are facing down to look like the tail.
5. Take your pencil and add eyes and antennae to the lobster. This can be just simple dots and lines.

Your little lobster hand print is now all ready to be displayed.

Give this craft a try and then share your results with us on the Community Chat page or Facebook page. Surely you can create something just as cute.

Have a great weekend!