BIG NEWS! RedPlum GONE FOREVER! Don’t worry though!

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Starting Sunday, March 25th you may notice that you no longer have a RedPlum insert in your paper.  Welp, they are gone FOREVER!  But, no worries, they are rebranding as RetailMeNot Everyday! 

Here’s the skinny, the publishing giant Vlassis who originally put out the RedPlum inserts acquired the online coupon code giant RetailMeNot last year and is making a BIG MOVE and is expected to include more restaurant coupons and deals at other local business in the inserts ALONG WITH the coupons that we normally enjoy!

Our 2018 Coupon Insert Schedule is expected to stay the same except that instead of seeing an RP (Red Plum) insert, you will now see the insert listed as RMN (RetailMeNot) in matchups and in our coupon database.

Basically, RetailMeNot is a household name for online and in store discounts.  Since those that don’t coupon regularly have no idea what a “Red Plum” is, the company is a making a move to create brand recognition across all savings platforms.  I think that this could be a REALLY good thing in the long run.  RetailMeNot has been around for a long time and they are consistent and the best at what they do.  Lets hope that we see big changes for the better as well as possibly seeing the inserts return to areas that they were pulled from over the last few years (fingers crossed)!

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