Coupon Organization System – Almost sold out!

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There has been SO MUCH discussion on our coupon chat page about the coupon box organization method and various options, that I had no choice but to dive in 100% myself.   As many of you know, I have used the binder system and the filing system (you can read about those methods here) and I am constantly looking for ways to make things easier and keep my coupons tidy around the house.  The newest trend is the coupon box method and honestly, I can see how this could really make a difference!  There are a couple of options out there on the market, and you could of course make one yourself, but personally, I wanted to find one that was good quality and came ready to go.. just unpack, know exactly what to do and get myself on track.   I found this with the My Coupon Keeper System!

**I have to WARN you ahead of time, that I spoke with the people over at the coupon keeper and they are EXTREMELY low on inventory, as a matter of fact, they have less than 30 of them in stock right now and will not be getting any more in until late July / early August from the manufacturer.  Just with the discussion that all of us were having on our chat page, they have sold a bunch of them so I am SURE that they will be selling out in the next day or so once I post this article about the product.   BUT.. the good news is, while speaking with them, they gave me a new coupon code that I can share with you which will give you 10% off your order if you decide to grab one of these boxes too!  The coupon code is LASTCHANCE (all one word and case sensitive), enter it at checkout and look right under where you enter the code and click APPLY CODE for it to take the 10% off.**

SO what is the my coupon keeper system?

Keep in mind, this is not an official review of the product, that will come later, this information is what I have found thru my investigating options and talking with all of you that have already bought one and are using it now.

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First I would like to say that I am SUPER JEALOUS of those of you that have already received your Coupon Keeper Boxes and have been posting your photos on our chat page, they look so awesome and easy to set up!   I have one on the way to me right now and I can not wait to get it and set it all up.  I will be doing an official review of the product after I put mine to use and will also do a giveaway of one too!

Basically a coupon keeper system is a box that holds all of your coupons.  Before you let your mind go nuts about the what if’s let me tell you what it comes with and how I plan to use it and how the others on the chat page are doing theirs.

How I will be doing it and how most people on our page are too:

Since the box holds up to 1800 coupons, we have many options.  I personally like to keep my stuff as organized as possible because it will drive me NUTS if I have coupons everywhere.   I will be taking my inserts each week (I currently get 6 of each) and laying each page out stacking like pages on top of one another, so there will be SIX of each page in each pile.   I will then STAPLE each coupon (still on the sheets) then simply CLIP each set out while they are all together.  What I will end up with are stacks of six of the exact same coupons already stapled together.   Once they are clipped, I will simply plop it right into the box behind the category that it goes.  Simple! They wont slip away from each other or shimmy and fold and will look neat and tidy.  This eliminates several steps if you are using the binder method currently. 

box with clipped coupons

Thanks Apryl Caswell for the photo!

I like the whole idea of it all and can see how it would work PERFECTLY to allow you to carry your coupons with you so you don’t miss a deal, but not have to go through the time consuming process of clipping and filing in a binder with baseball card holders (nothing wrong with that, great system too, just too time consuming for me these days).

The deluxe box is super durable and is divided into two parts, it comes with 48 PVC grade dividers / coupon guides and 55 pre-printed category labels.  It also comes with THREE purse folders that you will move your coupons to when you are shopping before checking out (see photo below).  The deluxe system also comes with reuseable grocery bag so you could carry your system in if you choose (more about that later).    I like how it comes completely ready to go with a full system idea so we don’t have to even think about it.  You get the box, put your labels that they give on on the cards, clip your coupons, put them in the box and go shopping!  That is my kind of system!

This is a visual of how you would use the system which I LOVE:

how coupon box works

If you are interested in purchasing a my coupon keeper system you have a couple of options, the regular and the deluxe, you can check them both out by clicking here.  Remember, they are VERY LOW on inventory (less than 30 of them when I talked to them today) and will not be getting more until the end of July to ship in August.   If you decide to buy now before they run out, don’t forget to use your coupon code LASTCHANCE to get 10% off your order.

The other thing that is pretty cool about this box is that it will fit into most tote bags that are out on the market.  The deluxe version comes with a tote bag that you can use, but if you really wanted to switch it up from time to time (I get bored with the same ole same ole) you can switch what you carry it in to the store as you please!

Okay, so if you are ordering your My Coupon Keeper System, remember to CLICK HERE and use the coupon code LASTCHANCE (case sensitive, click on apply code after you enter it).  No pouty faces if you miss it since they have less than 30 left right now.  For those that do miss it, I will let you know when they restock.   I will keep you updated once I receive my box!  They said that shipping is usually only three days so it should arrive sometime this week, I can not wait!!  If you grab one, make sure you post pictures of yours too!!