Cute ice breaker game for women! Moms Confess Card Game!

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This is a really cute ice breaker game for Moms!  Perfect for a party, mom’s group or even a “girls night in” get together!

The new Moms Confess card game is designed to start fun conversations between moms!  There are only four simple rules to this card game:

  • Answer honestly (even if it is hilariously funny)
  • Promise not to judge (you know as mommies we have some questionable tactics at times lol)
  • Skip your card if you don’t want to answer (easy enough!)
  • Have fun and get to know other moms!!

I received a deck of the Moms Confess cards to check out and review and played it with a couple of girlfriends and we had a great time!  You can be as proper or as silly as you want with your cards and it can be a lot of fun!  What is more fun than sitting with other moms who can relate to your experiences and laugh together right?!  It was a great ice breaker to get the conversation started!

I feel like this would be a great idea many different types of parties or gatherings or even as a Stocking Stuffer!

CLICK HERE for ordering information or to check it out!!

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