Frugal Friday Fun: DIY Summer Herb Infused Oil

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Hello my frugal friends! It is Friday, so let’s do something a little fun, frugal, and crafty at the same time. Today, let’s explore how we can make those fresh grown herbs last a little longer. Take a look below at how I made my own herbal infused oil, using just my own fresh grown herbs and a little olive oil. Great for marinating chicken, fish, or pork, this herbal infused oil is perfect for adding some zest to my meals while making sure none of my herbs go to waste. I can even add it to my salads if a wish. How cool is that? Take a peek at how to craft your own herbal infused oil and get the most bang out of your herb buck!

 Here is what you will need:

Assorted fresh herbs (basil, oregano, and thyme all work great)

Olive oil

Air tight container or bottle of your choice

Chalk label or paper label if you wish



1. Snip some sprigs of your fresh herbs.

2. Rinse them well with warm water and dry them on a paper towel.

3. Gently rub the leaves of the sprigs with your fingers to help release the oils.

4. Place the entire spring in the bottle. You want 2-3 sprigs per 8 ounce bottle.

5. Allow the herb to sit for 24 hours so it can permeate the oil well and really infuse it with flavor.

To use your herbal infused oil, simply give it a good shake before use and pour it onto raw meats before cooking or fresh salads before munching. Your oil will last a few weeks as long as it is air tight and your herbs were fresh upon use.


How cool is this? Whip some of these herbal infused oils up and your pals will think you have really become a gourmet guru! To make things extra cute and fancy, apply a chalkboard label to decipher one oil from the next. Give this easy DIY a try and share your results with us on the Facebook page or Community Chat page. I love to see how you apply these tips in your own lives.

 Happy Friday my friends!