Monday Inspiration: Finding What Matters

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Have you ever found yourself deeply involved in a task only to step back and say, “Why does this even matter?” It seems as though we all come to that point in our lives from time to time. The truth is, we often find ourselves so deeply involved in routines that we carry out tasks that in the long run, really aren’t that important. These tasks can rob us from time with family and friends, and in the end even take a piece of our happiness. So what is the solution? Well that is what we are exploring today. Today, let’s talk about finding what matters.

First, take a look at your day. I mean REALLY take a look at your day. Journal for a day if you need to, writing down your tasks as you complete them. Take special note of any task that takes you more than a few minutes. When you find those “hot spots” re-evaluate them. How important are these tasks? How do they benefit you and your family? How do they make you feel? At the end of this questioning, you should be able to see how much the task matters.

Let’s look at an example: Suppose after breakfast each day you load the dishwasher. It takes about 5 minutes and you can do it while the kids get dressed. It helps you keep the area prepped from dinner later, and you feel more organized. Is it worth taking the time to do this each day? I would venture and say yes. Example two. After dinner you fill the sink and prepare to wash dishes. It will take about 10 -15 minutes. Your child on the other hand wants to read a book with you. Sure you could read the book, but then your dishwater goes cold and you still have a mess on your hands. So what do you do? These are the situations where you need to ask yourself what matters. Your children are only young once. Reading with your child is valuable. Bonding with your child through books is important. Final ruling? Set the dish towel down and walk away. Now is a great time to see that reading with your child matters more than making sure the dishes get washed.

When you are in the process of finding what matters, you may find out a few things. You may find that eating dinner as a family matters more than what is being served on the plate. Letting your kids have fun in the mud on a rainy day matters more than the stains they are setting into their clothing and you will need to scrub clean. See how this works? When we find what matters, we learn to re-evaluate our choices from day to day. We learn to make the most of our time and the relationships of those around us.

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Be inspired today, friends!