You NEED the Target Red Card during the holidays! READ THIS!!

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THIS IS A MUST for couponers!  You get 5% off ALL of your purchases at Target on top of whatever other discounts you might have like Cartwheel, Mobile or paper coupons!

I you don’t have a Target Red Card yet you are missing out.   I want to explain how it works and let you know a few important facts that you might not have known:

  • Target Red Card (DEBIT) requires a checking account but NO Credit Check
  • Target Red Card (CREDIT) is just like a regular credit card

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Here is basically how it works:

Target red card 2

Once you have a Target Red Card (either option) you will get 5% off ALL of your orders both in store and online PLUS you get FREE shipping when you order online from!!  Another cool benefit that many people don’t realize is that you get an additional THIRTY DAYS for returns (some conditions may apply)!!

The extra 5% is on TOP of the discounts that you get for Cartwheel, Mobile Coupons, Paper Coupons or other discounts!!  So its just an extra 5% FREE MONEY on whatever you are buying.

To use a Red Card Debit, you just scan your card like a normal debit card at checkout and enter your Red Card Pin.  The discount will automatically come off your total and the money will be deducted from the checking account that you have associated with your Red Card!  It’s that easy!!

When applying, you will need your Social Security number; valid driver’s license, state ID or military ID; personal checking account and bank routing numbers but the debit card does NOT require a credit check, only the credit card option does!  Totally worth getting, there is nothing to lose really!!


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