FREE GAS! Shell Gas Rewards Network! Check this out!

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 Shell Fuel Reward Network!!

I am SO EXCITED about the SHELL REWARDS program!  I have already filled up TWICE and only paid $.20 per gallon of gas because of the fuel rewards that I have earned at different stores!

Here’s the Nitty Gritty:

earn FUEL REWARDS when you shop at participating stores and restaurants in their app
  • NEW MEMBERS get $$$ off per gallon on your 2nd fill up just for signing up (limited time)!
  • Once you are signed up you need to complete your profile including your address so that they know which stores are close to you that qualify
  • There are a BUNCH of stores and businesses that participate, you can view them online OR you can download their app and get personalized suggestions based on your location!

Don’t forget about your PUBLIX GAS CARD DEALS!

When Publix offers their $10 off a $50 Gas Card Deal, make SURE you select a SHELL CARD to maximize your savings!  Not only will you get $10 off that gas card when you buy it at Publix (during Gas Card Week), but you will ALSO be able to use any fuel perks that you have earned from your NEW SHELL REWARDS ACCOUNT to get your gas even cheaper!  This really adds up!

PLEASE NOTE:  The Fuel Rewards program is NOT a Publix program, this is a SHELL FUEL REWARDS program

This is the IMPORTANT part:

Right now, in order to qualify for the fuel perks at many you will NEED to link your Debit or Credit Cards to your Shell Rewards account.

Basically, the easiest way to explain this is that you will want to use your MasterCard or Visa Debit or Credit card when you buy your groceries or go to restaurants.  Certain locations on their app specify that you must use a MasterCard to get the fuel rewards.  When you do that it will automatically tell Shell that you bought something and your fuel perks will be credited accordingly.  For example, at certain locations each $100 spent you get $.15 in fuel perks!

*NOTE:  I do NOT have a MasterCard Credit Card, BUT I do have a MasterCard Debit from Paypal, years ago I requested it (free, no fees) and when I use the card it automatically deducts it out of my paypal balance or withdraws it from my regular checking account.  That is something you can look into if you don’t have a MasterCard either.

Once you have your card ready, just sign into your Shell Rewards Account and link your card to your account.  It will automatically add the fuel perks to your Shell Rewards Account when you use that MasterCard at locations that are listed!


NOTE:  It appears that Shell changes participating stores and restaurants regularly so make sure you check your app or call Shell Rewards to confirm that the location is still on the list prior to shopping / dining


There are TONS of ways to earn points towards gas at Shell and most of them are simply by using a LINKED CARD to your Shell Rewards Account.  I went ahead and linked my most frequently used debit cards so that I don’t have to think about which card I have linked later. 



It might take a little bit to get used to this new program, but I am VERY EXCITED!  Let me know what you think!!


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