Weekend Family Fun: DIY Dinosaur Garden

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Are fairy gardens not your thing? No worries at all! Today I am going to show you a fun and frugal alternative to the fairy garden. All you need is about $5 worth of supplies and you will be enjoying endless fun in no time. This dinosaur garden is perfect for the dino lover in your household. It is a great way to teach children about dinosaurs, gardening, and even how to care for a living thing while having lots of fun at the same time. Take a peek below at how to make your own DIY Dinosaur Garden so you can be enjoying this prehistoric fun this weekend!

Dinosaur Garden

Supplies needed:
Planter or tin box
Potting soil
Prehistoric looking plants such as aloe and succulents
Plastic dino toys

We found everything we needed for around $5 at our local dollar store and greenhouse. You can find these plants for about $1 each, and most dollar stores sell the toys dinos as well as the planters and soil even for $1 each. As you can see, this is some fun you can enjoy on a dime!

1. Begin by filling the container of your choice with soil.
2. Plant the plants of your choosing. As mentioned, succulents and aloe look great!
3. Add in your dinosaurs and other props such as rocks for caves.

Tend to your dinosaur garden with a little water every few days. You can also move your dinosaurs around for some fun if you wish!


See how cute this dinosaur garden turned out? If you think your kids would enjoy this, give one a try. It is a perfect substitute for someone not quite into fairy gardens. When you are done, share your project with us on the Facebook page or Community chat page!

Happy weekend, friends!


Friday Family Fun: Little Lobster Handprint

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Let’s get ready for the weekend with a fun kiddie craft, shall we? This Little Lobster Handprint Craft is so easy to make, and can even be a fun Father’s Day gift for Dad! Using just craft paint and paper, you can make your own lobster in just minutes. Take a look at how we made our own. The finished product is just too cute for words!

Little Lobster Handprint (and footprint!) Craft

Supplies needed:
Red finger paint
Craft paper

We found everything we needed at our local dollar store. As you can see, creating this craft costs way less than buying a real lobster!

1. Begin by coating your child’s palms and fingers with red craft paint. This tickles so much and they really love it.
2. Press the palms to paper to create the hands of the lobster. Remove and wash.
3. Next, apply the paint to the foot of your child. This will create the body and tail of the lobster. Hopefully, they can stand the tickles this will cause!
4. Press their foot to the paper right in between the two hand prints. Make sure the toes are facing down to look like the tail.
5. Take your pencil and add eyes and antennae to the lobster. This can be just simple dots and lines.

Your little lobster hand print is now all ready to be displayed.

Give this craft a try and then share your results with us on the Community Chat page or Facebook page. Surely you can create something just as cute.

Have a great weekend!


Frozen Family Fun: Strawberry Sunset Fruit Pop

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Let’s dive into summer with some tasty fruit pops, shall we? These Strawberry Sunset Fruit Pops are so simple to make, and let me tell you that kid’s will devour them. You only need a few ingredients, and for just pennies you can make your own ice pops instead of chasing after the ice cream man or spending big bucks at the grocery store. Take a look at how we whipped up this batch in no time!

Strawberry Sunset Fruit Pops

Supplies needed:
Empty yogurt cup
Wood craft sticks
1 can of mandarin oranges
1 cup of fresh strawberries
2 cups of lemonade

1. In a bowl, mix the mandarin oranges and lemonade. For the lemonade you can use fresh or even a simple powder mix will do.
2. Wash and chop the fresh strawberries into small chunks. Stir it into the mixture.
3. Pour the mixture into the yogurt cups. This is a such a great way to reuse yogurt cups when you are done with them.
4. Insert the wood craft stick.
5. Place the cup in the freezer and allow it to set for several hours until solid.
6. When you are ready to eat, let the cup sit at room temp for five minutes to make it easier to remove.


Now all you need to do is pop the ice pop out and enjoy! It is so sweet and tasty, and you have to love that it is filled with real fruit!

Give these easy Strawberry Sunset pops a try. They are sure to become a new warm weather favorite that the whole family will enjoy. When you make yours, share your experiences with us on the Facebook page or Community Chat page. We love to see how you give these crafts and recipes a try in your own home.

Happy Tuesday, friends! Enjoy the day!


Frugal Friday Family Fun: Fruit Cocktail Ice Pops

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You are going to love this frugal and fun family activity! Let the kiddos cool down after a hard day of play when you make these fruit cocktail ice pops! They are so easy, I mean easy, and the end result is a tasty and cheap treat that the kiddos will want to gobble up. Take a peek below at how we made a batch in just minutes and for just pennies. Yes, pennies.

Fruit Cocktail Ice Pops

Supplies needed:
1 can of fruit cocktail
1 cup of fruit juice (any)
Ice pop molds

We found all of these items at our local dollar store. This includes the ice pop molds even. You can use any fruit juice you wish. We used a powder mix with a lemonade flavor. You can pick any flavor or color that goes along with your preferences.

In a pitcher, mix the can of fruit cocktail and cup of fruit juice. Mix it well and then pour it into the molds. Allow the molds to rest in the freezer until solid.

Did you catch how easy those directions are? Can you even handle it? I know I can! When the pops are solid just pull them out and start eating! They will be sweet and full of chunks of fruit. No two will end up the same.

Give these fun and frugal fruit cocktail ice pops a try. It is such an easy recipe even the kiddos can pretty much do them themselves. When you are done, snap a pic of your gang enjoying them and share with us on the Facebook page or Community Chat page.  We love to see how you use these DIY projects and recipes in your own lives.

Have a happy weekend, friends! Stay cool, and remember to relax and have fun!


Spring Family Fun: Cupcake Cup Flowers Craft

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Are you in the mood for spring? This weekend, why not get into the spirit of spring with these cupcake cup flowers? They are so easy to make and this is a craft the whole family will enjoy. You only need a few supplies, and we were able to find everything we needed at our local dollar store. Take a look below at how you can make your own cupcake cup flowers and start getting in the mood for spring! These are so pretty, and just think, you never have to water them!

Cupcake Cup Flowers

Supplies needed:
Assorted paper cupcake cups
Wood craft sticks
Pom poms
Craft glue

Check your crafting supplies before you purchase anything on this list. Chances are you already have a great deal of these supplies on hand if you have done any of the other crafts listed on this site.

1. Begin by folding your cupcake cups inside out. This way the design is facing you and you can see and enjoy it.
2. Apply some glue to the back of the flower. Press a wood craft stick to it until it adheres.
3. Apply some glue to a crafting pom pom. Press the pom pom to the center of the cup.
4. Add some ribbon for leaves and greenery. Tie it on, glue it on, whatever you wish!
5. For extra fun, you can use your scissors to cut designs into your cups as we did.


There you have it! These spring cupcake cup flowers are so easy to make and even easier to enjoy. Give them a try! When you are done, brag a bit! Share your creations with us on the Facebook page or Community Chat page. WE LOVE to see what you are making and so do your friends. Inspire us!

Happy crafting, and have a great weekend!


Dr. Seuss Family Fun: Cat in the Hat Vase

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Who is ready for some super Seuss fun? Let’s keep getting in the spirit of Dr. Seuss’s birthday with this family fun, family friendly, and oh so family frugal craft. This Cat in the Hat vase is so easy to make, and you can craft one using just a few supplies from the dollar store. When done, use it to hold flowers, pretzel sticks, even the silverware for your Seuss themed parties and celebrations. Take a look below at how to make your own. It only takes a few minutes.

Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Vase

Supplies needed:
Tall glass vase
Pair of googly eyes
Craft pom pom
Pipe cleaners
Construction paper

As mentioned, everything we needed for this project was found at our local dollar store. You also may have a great deal of these supplies in your crafting scraps, so be sure to take a peek before you buy anything.

1. begin by creating the hat. Do this by cutting out several red construction paper strips and wrapping the around the top of the vase. Secure them with glue.
2. Next, glue on the pair of googly eyes. Press until dry.
3. Add the nose by gluing on a black crafting pom pom.
4. Cut a black pipe cleaner in half, the fold the pieces in half to create whiskers. Glue them to the sides of the nose.
5. Finish this piece by making a small bow out of a red pipe cleaner. Glue it to the base of the vase.


Your Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat vase is now complete. Use it for all of your celebrating needs!

When you are done crafting yours, take a picture and share it with us on the Facebook page or Community Chat page!

Happy crafting, and Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!


Frugal Family Fun: Olympic Ring Toss Game

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Watching the 2014 Winter Olympics as a family may leave you feeling a little competitive! This year, bring back an old classic and watch the competition really get fierce! Enjoy some frugal family fun when you try this simple Olympic Ring Toss Game. The Olympic Rings are the traditional symbol of the Olympic Games, and in this ring toss game you will see who can get the most of those rings over the soda bottle, just like you use to do at grade school fairs and carnivals. Watch the competition heat up as you and your family members battle it out for the gold in this game of ring toss. Take a look at how easy it is to enjoy this Olympic Ring Toss Game in your own home!

Olympic Ring Toss Game

Supplies needed:
Assorted colored pipe cleaners
Empty soda bottle

That’s it! When is the last time you had some real family fun with just two supplies? If you don’t have any pipe cleaners in your home, a quick trip to your local dollar store will do the trick.

1. Begin by taking your pipe cleaners and twisting them into rings. You can use the five colors of the Olympics symbol if you wish (black, red, blue, green, yellow) or just use the pipe cleaners you have on hand.
2. Rinse out a soda bottle and fill it with water. You can even add a few drops of food coloring if you wish to add a little more excitement. Shake the coloring well, and replace the cap tightly. The water in the bottle will keep it weighted to the floor.
3. Set the designated standing area. You can decide how far from the bottle you wish for this to be.
4. Take turns tossing the rings trying to get them to land on the neck of the bottle. You can keep score several ways; for example seeing who can land the most rings in a minute.

For extra fun, use tinfoil or construction paper and ribbon to craft your own silver and gold medals. This is sure to be some competitive, family fun.


Give this Olympic Ring Toss Game a try, then share your experiences with us on the Facebook page or Community Chat page. We love seeing what you are up to!

Happy frugal family fun time!


Geocaching: Frugal Family Fun!

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Living in Florida we are blessed with EXCELLENT weather almost year round.

Aside from beaching ourselves, what can we really do outdoors with our families?  One way you can take advantage of beautiful weather and have family fun is with GeoCaching.

Never heard of GeoCaching, it’s no surprise.  The activity is fairly new but becoming even more popular with the growth of smartphones ( did you see it mentioned in our 2014 Family Bucket List post).  All you really even need is a smartphone, a free app and a sense of adventure and you have all the elements you need to start geocaching!  If you like scavenger hunts, mixed with treasure hunts, and a couple riddles you’ll love geocaching.  You have probably walked past HUNDREDS of caches and not even realized it.  People cleverly hide  “treasure” and leave clues and coordinates on geocaching websites so other people can find the cache.  Some people use a GPS device you can buy in stores to find the coordinates others simply download free Geocaching apps to their smartphones that utilize the built in GPS functions.  Once you have your GPS set up you’ll join a site (there’s lots!) that gives you coordinates and clues to find geocaches near you.  Gather up the family, some water and snacks, your smartphone or GPS device and head out.  Follow the coordinates to a local park, beach, even the shopping mall (there are indoor caches too).  Sounds so simple but geocaches are not so easy to find.  People disguise them to look like trees and rocks or hide them in inconspicuous spots.  It’s a lot of fun to have everyone searching high and low for the hidden cache.

Once you find it you “check in” on the site or forum and leave the cache where you found it for other families.  Sometimes you trade “tokens” or little non-valuables.  You remove the token in the cache and leave your token in its place.

More and more people are geocaching as a means to combine exercise and family fun.  Searching for hidden treasure can usually interest most kids and since you already have much of what you need to geocache it costs no extra money.  A frugal hobby that promotes family fun and good health seems like a GREAT idea to me.  So why not grab your smartphone and check what treasures are hiding near you!

 Have you geocached with your Family?  Share tips on our Facebook page or Community Chat page.  Get inspired to craft and cook frugally on Pinterest

Happy Hunting!


Plan a Family Game Night

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Family Game Nights are a  great way to combine family time with a whole lotta FUN!

There are some very KEY elements to plan your Family Game Night and make it a total success and separate it from an ordinary night hanging out at home. So gather your clan and get ready to have a blast on your very own Family Game Night

Pick the right game:  It should be a game that is fun for all the kiddos.  If you have a wide age range between kids pick a game where teams can form so it’s fair and every team has an equal chance of winning.  Younger kids do well with Hi Ho Cherry-o, Hungry Hungry Hippos or Don’t Break the Ice.  Elementary School age kids love  Sequence, Hedbanz , even Twister.  Got a slightly older crowd?  Trivial Pursuit, Scene It and Farkle are popular and fun!

Go Overboard : Even if you are a health nut every other day of the week Family Game Night is a time to BREAK LOOSE.  Go WAY overboard with all of those treats that the family rarely eats …fun food can make the evening even more special.  If your family loves fruits and nuts, get the good stuff that you rarely buy!   Start off with a pizza dinner and move straight on to a night of all of your families favorite snacks! Make your Family Game Night very distinct from just another night in.

Awards: Everyone likes to WIN, right!  Whether you are playing as individuals, boys against girls, parents against kids ( even a combined Family Game Night with extended family) you HAVE to have SOMETHING to win!  Create an epically tacky “award” for Family Game Night and battle it out for the honor of claiming your prize, until the next Family Game Night.

Don’t make Family Game Night an afterthought.  Playing together is a great way to relax while strengthening family bonds.  So pull out your favorite games, Fun Food and an EPICALLY tacky trophy and have a Family Game Night!

Do you have tips on Family Game Night Planning ?  Share them with us on our Facebook page or Community Chat page.   Get inspired to craft and cook frugally and live well on Pinterest



Make a Family Fun Bucket List for the New Year

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Family Fun Bucket List

Can you believe it’s the LAST day of 2013,  me neither!
This year has just slipped on by and I feel like a lot of missed opportunities to spend meaningful time with my family have too .  But not in 2014! As a New Year is beginning many people consider resolutions , or what to do to improve themselves in the coming year.  With the busy lives (I) we all lead today it’s SO hard sometimes to find time to improve our family relationships and build bonds, but an easy way to squeeze in family time and Family Fun is by creating a Family Fun Bucket List for the New Year.

Why do we need a Family Fun Bucket List

Bucket lists are “trendy” but for good reasons; they concentrate all the fun we want to have in one , easier to accomplish, list.  When you are creating a Family Fun Bucket List you have certain considerations to to make ; such as the family budget and personal preferences of each family member.  Regardless of the age of each family member you can create a list of fun family activities that will help each member bond through good, clean , family fun. Instead of spending another weekend sitting around , doing a whole lot of nothing you’ll have a plan of ACTION that will bring you closer to your spouse and kids, get you more active and destress by just having FUN


How to make a Family Fun Bucket List

There are a few steps you’ll take to create a bucket list that every member of your family will enjoy. Remember it’s about your FAMILY , so one activity might not be your favorite but everyone should have a chance to do something they think is really fun and bring you and the rest of the family along for the ride .  Chances are you’ll really like it too. So first things first :


1. Brainstorm fun ideas.  Sit around the kitchen table and find out what each family member thinks is fun.  Is it a movie night at home with loads of treats, a geocaching day, a theater matinee, ziplining …whatever the ideas may be throw them out there.

2. Set some rules .  Sure a trip to Paris would be LOADS of fun , but it might not fit in your family’s budget.  Select 3 to 5 criteria that will help cut down on the items in your list.  Budget , physical abilities , fear factor..whatever you decide the criterion will help boil down the list.

3. Monthly Fun . Try to create a Family Fun Bucket List of at least 12 activities , at least 1 per month.  Arrange your Bucket list by the most appropriate month for the activity (might be hard to go skiing in August or water skiing in December depending on where you live)  . 

4 . Create a Printable list .  Post your list somewhere your family will see it every day .  Talk about the month’s upcoming bucket list item and get EXCITED.

No matter what is on your Family Fun Bucket List for 2014 be sure to make one !  It’s important to carve time for family into our busy lives to create memories you’ll enjoy for years to come. So make that list, snap some pictures and enjoy 2014 with your family !

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