Monday Inspiration: How to Help the Hurting

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How often have you found yourself face to face with someone who is hurting? Life can be difficult at times, and for some, the pain can keep them from being able to complete day to day tasks. You might have offered your help to someone in a rough spot with the usual, “Let me know if you need anything,” line. But how do you really help someone who is hurting? That is what we are going to explore today.

So how do you help someone who is hurting? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Be present.
Let the person know you are present. You are there. Make a point to send a text or make a phone call to the person. Make a point to drop by and check in on them. Let them know that even though you are busy, you want to make time for them.

2. Help with small tasks.
When someone is going through a rough time, helping with small tasks can make a big impact. Take a load of laundry to wash, empty their dishwasher, or bring over a meal so they don’t have to cook. These small tasks may seem exactly that, small, but to them it will mean the world.

3. Don’t try to compare.
Don’t try to make the person feeling better by comparing their circumstance to something that happened to you. That rarely helps and can actually make them feel worse. Instead, let them know you are listening to their troubles and offer helpful solutions.

4. Don’t judge.
When someone feels judged, they will shut down and turn away from you. Instead of judging, let the person know you are listening with an open mind and that you are not there to render judgement.

5. Follow up.
Even if the person tells you everything is better, always be sure to follow up. Let them know you are present and there to talk to if they need it.

Watching someone you love go through something painful can be trying. Give these helpful hints a try and see how you can help make that time a bit easier for them. Who knows, one day you may need the same from them.

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Be inspired today, friends!